CNAS: Welcome back to CNAS-Tale SHORTS! Take a seat, grab a beer, ignore the fact we're completely for getting about Impact and the CNAS-Fell Crew VS my brother, and say hello to Christopher Walken!

CNAS: Uhhh, hello giant blob monster.

The Gaster Monster: Blob monster? Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry for not introducing myself, I am royal scientist W. D. Gaster, well at least I was...

CNAS: Well then hello Mr Gaster, my name is Crazy Nude Artist Sans, but everyone calls me CNAS.

Gaster: It's been a while since i've seen anyone, do you want to talk for a while?

CNAS (Looking at his wrist pretending it's a clock): Sure, I got time.

>Gaster stares at CNAS in confusion<

CNAS: Ignore that, I just love acting condescending while staring at me wrist, hang on a sec, I'll just get us a seat and meal.

Gaster: I beg your pardon?

>CNAS pulls out his paintbrush and draws a table, two chairs, a plate of tacos and some napkins<

Gaster: ...How did you-

CNAS (Chuckling): Hehe, that's the funny thing 'bout me, my creativity actually can be manifested through...

>CNAS puts his hands together then pulls them down in and ark motion, forming a rainbow<

CNAS: Magic!

Gaster: Very interesting. You are unlike anyone I've ever met CNAS.

CNAS: Why thank you.

>CNAS sits down on his seat, while Gaster moves over chair, absorbing it into his body and disintegrating it<

CNAS: Huh...

Gaster: So CNAS, what brings you here?

CNAS: Ehh? Oh, I was just cruising 'round Waterfall...

>CNAS draws a large canvas with Waterfall drawn on it and a mini cooper, hops into the mini cooper and drives around the canvas<

CNAS: Found a large grey door...

>CNAS draws the door<

CNAS: And then I let my curiosity take over me.

>CNAS goes through the grey door, only to teleport back to his chair<

CNAS: Sooo, how did you get here?

Gaster: Well, it's a long story, but lets just say that the CORE plus a monster SOUL infused with determination does not equal pretty results, my SOUL alone is barely enough to keep me alive, let alone with a physical form.

>Gaster pulls out a small shard of magic, implying it to be his SOUL<

Gaster: Been left with one eighty-sixth of a SOUL.

CNAS: Oh god... I'm so sorry.

Gaster: It's OK. To be honest I've kinda gotten used to my new physical state, the only issue being, well, this void, which my body won't allow me to leave.

CNAS: That's a shame, you're a really nice chap Mr Gaster. Wish I could help.

Gaster: That's OK. You know CNAS, you remind me of someone I once knew.

CNAS: Huh?

Gaster: His name was Sans. He was an awful lot like you, except lazier. He was very kind though, kinda like you-

>A ringtone starts playing, emanating from CNAS' art sack<

CNAS: Hold on, gotta get this. >Pulls out his phone< Yyyyello?

Impact (Over the phone): CNAS, I'm kinda sorry for bothering you, but me and my new partners need a ride.

CNAS: Impact? Where are you, it's been awhile.

Impact (Over the phone): At a giant gold mansion in a void.

CNAS: A mansion void? Oh s***, I'll be right there. >Hangs up< Sorry Mr G, I gotta go. I'll be sure to try and visit often.

Gaster: I'll be looking forward to next time CNAS, I'll see you next time.

CNAS: See ya.

>CNAS and Gaster handshake, leaving a few drops of black ink in his hand. IRL TNF: Trust me, that'll be important later on. Action box: CNAS walks out of the grey door, which is now a segway to the golden mansion, as well as a to be continued credit<