CNAS: Hey, welcome to CNAS-Tale SHORTS! Take a seat, grab a beer, ignore the fact we're not using fonts for anything that ain't wingdings, and say hello to Christopher Walken!

Christopher Walken: Hello.

CNAS: Now, let's get ready for adventure!

Peanut Butter Gamer: Adventure, YEAAAAAH!!!

Me: What the f*** is with all the references?!


CNAS (In the actual story and drinking Mountain Dew): Well, i'm bored...

Me: Well go do something.

CNAS: Like what? I can't go get Mexican food because I... well...



Mexican food store owner: Oh my god, what did you do to my customer?!

CNAS: Uhhhh... Nothin' much.

>The WWE fan fades to dust<

Mexican food store owner (Chucking CNAS out): AAAAAND STAY OUT!


CNAS: ...uhhhhhhh...

Me: Why don't you check timeline 101 and see if it has a shard of Gaster in it?

CNAS (To the reader): Well, if your confused, when Gaster was shattered across time and space, parts of him were stranded across multiple timelines, which created multiple entities, however only one was put in an accessible timeline. Well, accessible without a lot of out-coded plot s***. Now, back to the story.

>It zoomes out, revealing CNAS being at the Undertale door in The Creative Realm. CNAS rotates the upper left heart on the door 90 degrees left, the upper right heart 90 degrees right and the lower right heart 180 degrees. The FUN value adjuster pops out. CNAS changes the value to 101 and enters the door<

CNAS (Emerging in Waterfall): Okay, now onto the entrance to the void!

>CNAS approaches the grey door, only to see a two tall skeletons wearing turtleneck jumpers standing out front. One looked quite pleasant, while the other one looked depressed<

CNAS: Hey, who are you bums, and how did you get here?

The pessimistic skeleton: That's the exact question I was going to ask you.

>The pessimistic skeleton pulls out a red bone, while the optimist skele-<

CNAS (Talking to the action box): OK, why are you using terms not everyone knows?! Not everyone knows the difference between pessimism and optimism.

>Well, why don't you explain the difference?<

CNAS: Fine, a pessimist is someone who is very depressed while an optimist is someone who is usually cheerful.

>Thank you, now can you stop breaking the fourth wall?<

CNAS: It IS kinda hard to break the fourth wall when Deadpool exists, I mean at most the 'fourth wall' we all associate with is probably a shard of glass at this point. Regardless I will stop

>Thank you! Now, as I was saying, the optimistic skeleton grabs the red bone the pessimistic skeleton created. The optimist threw the bone away<

The optimistic skeleton: I am so sorry, my brother can be a bit cold at times, he's just paranoid.

>The pessimist pulls his turtleneck up to cover his face<

The optimistic skeleton: Now, let's start over. My name is Baker. Baker the skeleton. My brother over there is Laker.

CNAS (To IRL me): Seriously, that's the best. you. caaaaaan... I'll just stop.

>You better, or else there will be nothing left of you on the internet. CNAS gulps<

CNAS: Okay, nice to meet you's. Call me CNAS.

Laker: Ok, now tell us why you are here...

CNAS: Uhhh... I kinda just wanted to explore Waterfall and I ended up here.

Baker: Ok.

Laker: Go along, this door is out of bounds.

CNAS: Uhh...

>CNAS tele-ports through the door<

Baker: What in the heck?

CNAS: Ok, ow that we have that outta the way, now we gotta find this timelines Gaster. HELLO?! IS ANYONE HERE?!

>Suddenly, a bunch of black, ink like substance leaks from what would be the ceiling, forming a grotesque monster with the mask of W. D. Gaster<

The Gaster Monster: ...Oh, hello.

CNAS: Uhh, hi!