We open our story to see a Crazy skeleton with the lack of clothes bottle flipping with a Mountain Dew bottle, although failing every single time.

CNAS (Failing the bottle flip): Dammit!

>Bottle flips<

CNAS (Failing the bottle flip): Dammit!

>Bottle flips<

CNAS (Failing the bottle flip): Dammit-

Impact (Annoyed at he bottle flipping): Gosh darn it CNAS, can you stop doing that annoying bottle flip garbage!?


Impact: Ehh, whadever, i'm gonna go to do some justice!

>CNAS bottle flips. Impact shoots the bottle before it lands, flipping it in the air, causing it to land on the cap on top of the TV. CNAS' jaw breaks off his skull in shock. He then redraws his jaw back on his skull<

Impact: Hah, now THAT'S how ya bottle flip!

>Impact twirls his gun 3 times then puts it back into his holster, then opens the door to The Creative Realm<

Impact (Staring at the realm he is in): Gosh darn it, forgot to activate the portalllll... (Stares at the location) Christ, what the heck? Why is there a red Piccaso Pad?


Violent Guilded Artist Sans
Fell TNF
Fell Century Gothic
Fell Sans.T
>Impact turns around, only to be bashed in the head by an unidentified object with a steel tip, which knocks him out. He wakes up strapped to a chair. In front of him he sees what appears to be Fell versions of CNAS, TNF, C. Gothic and Sans.T<

Fell!CNAS: OK, who the f*** are you and why are you here!

Impact: CNAS? What in the heck happened t' ya?!

Fell!CNAS: CNAS? What the f*** kind of drugs are you on? Don't you know who I am? I am the one, the only, the infamous Violent Gilded Artist Sans!

>Awkward silence<

VGAS: Slaves, you clap when I say my name!

>The other characters start clapping, but VGAS grabs a knife and stabs each of them in the knee except the Fell TNF, who VGAS stabs in the face<

Fell!TNF (In pain): AUGHHHHH!

VGAS: B****, you don't speak unless spoken to!

>VGAS draws another knife and drive it through the Fell TNF's, well... VGAS stabbed his, err... privates... Fell TNF cringes, but doesn't say anything<

VGAS: Okay, now who are you!?

Impact: My name is Impact, pardner. Now, why do you exist? (VGAS grabs another knife and prepares to stab Impact) I DON'T MEAN THAT IN A BAD WAY! (VGAS puts away his knife) I mean, why is there a fell version of my mates?

VGAS (Looking at Impact in confusion): The f*** are you talking about!?

>Impact explains about CNAS and his mates<

Impact: Yeah, your most likely a Fell version of my AU CNAS-Tale, I mean look at the evidence.

Fell!Sans.T: ok, i think your full of s***, (Grabs Impact by the non-existent throat and punches him) tell us the f***ing truth!

>VGAS punches Fell!Sans.T unconscious, then turns to a direction where he would be facing you<

VGAS (Looking at Impact in confusion): Okay, I know i'm breaking the fourth wall, but f*** it, this shorts going too long, just cue that to be continued crap! See you next time <insert name here>.