CNAS: ...Still not chapter two, what is going on here?!

TNF: I will start writing it, don't worry, just gotta wait for TUTF to get back to me, then we will start writing the script.

Sans.T: i don't think people are gonna enjoy waiting much longer.

TNF: Well I gotta do other stuff anyways.

>It cuts to a scene with Error!Sans, looking for anomalies to delete from the multiverse, only for the ghoul to appear<

Error: Well hello there human, don't think we've met before.

Ghoul: I don't think you understand what exactly I am you AU destroying hypocrite.

Error: Look at you, acting all high and mighty, well guess what, I don't take s*** from anomalies, and if you don't get outta here now I will make it my goal to KILL YOU!

Ghoul (Cracking his fingers): Again with your ignorance, i'd find it funny if it wasn't sad.

Ghoul (With Kagune)
>Ghoul unleashes a large ukaku kagune out of his back and attacks Error with it. Error dogdes, then tries to grab Ghoul's SOUL with his blue strings. Ghoul uses his kagune to block<

Error: What the hell are you?

Ghoul: I'm the thing going to kill-

>Ghouls pocket starts emitting a ringtone<

Ghoul: Sorry, I gotta take this. (Picks up his phone) Hello.

CNAS (Over the phone): Hey Flamer, I'm just wondering where you are.

Ghoul: I'm busy. CNAS, when I am out, DON'T BOTHER ME! (Hangs up) Sorry, I had to take it.

Error: Well well well, if it isn't TNF, I couldn't recognize you with that hellish mask, or that giant thing sticking out of your spine.

Ghoul: Heh...

Ghoul (Unmasked)
>Ghoul removes his mask, which causes his hair to darken and his nails to brighten, revealing that ghoul is in fact TNF<

TNF: You figured it out, i'm actually suprised you figured it out.

Error: It wasn't hard when that psychotic dumbass called you, I just had to fit all the pieces together and work out that your the ghoul

TNF: Yeah, well now that you know, your gonna die!

>TNF draws his katana, shoots blue strings out of them, pulls Error's SOUL out of his body and destroys his body<

TNF: Well, now that that's over with.

>TNF puts Error's SOUL in his Sans Classic puppet, then walks away to his getaway, the cabin in the middle of his original timeline where he met the skeleton from his backstory. He throws one of his katanas down, puts on his original outfit and returns his eyes to normal. He grabs a severed human hand and starts feasting on it<

TNF: What the hell did you get me into Webding? If it ain't for your skeleton a**, i'd still be a decent human being. (Sighs)


CNAS: Where the hell were you TNF?!

TNF: Timeline 101, doing some reconnaissance, seeing if I could find the remaining Doges.

CNAS: Well start writing chapter 2 now.

TNF: I will as soon as Undertalefan gets back to my message. I can't start writing without my other writer.

CNAS: Well try to get it done ASAP.