CNAS: Wait, this isn't chapter 2... Where's Flamer, I gotta ball him out for this. C, Sans.T, seen Flamer?

C. Gothic and Sans.T: Nope, ask TNR.

CNAS: TNR, Impact, seen the Flamer anywhere?

Impact: Nope... Sorry pardner.


CNAS: TUTF, seen Flamer anywhere?

TUTF: Ehh, sorry mate, I have absolutely no idea...

CNAS: Well I give up, time to weave CNAP's new prison.

>CNAS goes to the rec room, where a sewing machine and CNAP's flesh suit was positioned. CNAS starts sewing a bag out of the flesh suit, humming the song 'Night of Nights.' It cuts to 6 hours later, where CNAS decides to piss off Error<

CNAS: Hey Error, Error, hey Error!


CNAS: Orange ya glad I didn't say Error again, hahahahaha!

Error: That literally made no sense, now PISS OFF!

>Error shoots a Gaster Blaster at CNAS, who proceeds to escape like Speedy Gonzales<

CNAS: Andale andale arriba arriba! Well that could've gotten better. Well might as well finish the sack.

>CNAS sneaks into the Picasso Pad quietly so he doesn't wake anyone up, only to hear the grotesque sound of flesh being eaten coming from the rec room. CNAS sneaks up on the door and peaks inside the keyhole, seeing a crazy person eating the flesh sack, a person with white hair, dark clothing, black fingernails and a creepy mask, similar to Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, but with spikier hair, different clothes, two katanas on his back and two black and red eyes instead of one. The ghoul, finishing his feeding spree, turns around, grabs his katanas and uses them to shoot out some of Error's blue strings<

CNAS: H-how do you-

Ghoul: No one interrupts my feeding spree you piece of s***!

>The ghoul drags CNAS towards him and kicks him on the side of his head, knocking him out. CNAS wakes up, seeing Flamer trying to wake him up<

TNF: Don't die on me yet.

CNAS (Punching Flamer in the head): Where have you been you a**hole, I was attacked by a psychotic ghoul, now explain why this was made!

TNF: Obligatory foreshadowing and to make a mystery with an obvious answer.

CNAS: Ohh... Well can we at least make CNAS-Tale chapter 2?

TNF: Sure, I just need me crew ready to write the script.