CNAS: CNAP, CNAP, CNAP! Wake up ya bum!

CNAP (Waking up from his bonds): Oh, hello a**hole, where are we?

TNF: Don't play dumb with us you piece of s***, you know we are at your prison mansion.

CNAP: I know, I was joking. Now why am I here, I thought you'd try to upgrade my prison.

CNAS: Nah, first I wanna know why you dressed up as Mel Gibson, I mean seriously?! Your lucky I am good at playing along with bulls***, now geddoutta that costume! Flamer!

True Crazy Nude Artist Papyrus
>CNAS claps twice, getting TNF to cut open a hole in CNAP and rip of his flesh, revealing a physically deformed skeleton body<


TNF: Well, that explains how you two are brothers.

CNAP: No s*** Sherlock, if you seriously thought a 4'9" skeleton-

CNAS: I'm 6'9"!

CNAP: Yeah, sure you are... But seriously, if you thought he is the brother of world renown American actor, director, producer and screenwriter Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, you've got a loose screw you weed huffing idiot! No seriously, I can smell the weed on your breath, pretty sure it's white rhino weed, but I couldn't tell.

TNF (Putting the tip of his katana at the edge of CNAP's throat): Don't you mock me you hypocritical sadistic cocks***er, I can kill you right here, right now. The only thing preventing me is my moral code and your brother being across the room.

CNAS: Oh, I honestly don't give a s*** if you kill him. I DO give a s*** that you think you have a moral code seeing how your probably the most violent of the CNAS crew.

TNF (Holding his katana at CNAP's throat): F*** off CNAS, you know of my genocide highs, don't you?

CNAS: Vaguely, you roughly went on a genocide rampage in one part of your backstory with very vague explanation of what happened!

>While CNAS and TNF argued, CNAP's breaks the weak chains holding him down, grabs Flamer's katana and rips of his flesh<

CNAP: That's revenge for skinning me you hypocrite, and now I will kill the rest of you's, then fix these AUs, and then I'll be the greatest American actor, director, producer and screenwriter of all time, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- >Coughs crazily< Hey CNAS, can you please give me some throat lozenges? I'd make some myself, but I'm more of a cinema type artist, and I don't have the time to create a short of me getting some throat lozenges.

CNAS: How about you go f*** yourself?!

>CNAS clocks his brother in the head, takes the corpse of Flamer and CNAP's flesh suit and gets the hell out of there, making sure CNAP couldn't escape on his way out<

TNF's SOUL: Well s***, this is like the second time I've died!

CNAS: Calm down, I'll get you a body. Same as before?

TNF's SOUL: Let ME design my body.

Actual TNF 2.0
>TNF's SOUL redraws itself a body, entering it and waking up<

CNAS: Apart from slightly different clothes and a more detailed sprite, I see no difference!

TNF: Well first of all, I enhanced my pyrokinetic powers by a few degrees. Second of all, I physically grew a certain part of my body.

CNAS: I know what your implying, so please stop talking about you increasing your 'height' and tell me the final thing you did to yourself.

TNF: Slight genetic modification.

CNAS: Well that's a bit disappointing... So now what do we do?

TNF: The only thing we can do, start writing CNAS-Tale chapter 2!