CNAS (Looking at S.K's page on the wiki): Wow, Wiki Person killed S.K. I liked him. Let's check out some other pages.

>CNAS goes to Fell!S.T's page, only to see he is also dead<

CNAS: Wow... he killed off Fell!S.T too... Well, I can't say i'm TOO suprised about that one.

>CNAS goes to the 'S.T type Skeletons' category page, only to see the line: 'This character is dead..... (no I'm not joking).'<

CNAS: Oh Jebus, he's killing off al the S.T type skeletons. Hey Sans.T, come here.

>Sans.T walks into the room<

Sans.T: what is it cnas?

>CNAS draws a knife<

CNAS: I apologise, but Wiki Person is killing all the S.T type skeletons, so i'm afraid you have to die.

Sans.T: no, no! im a main character, you cant kill me of the blue, cnas tale needs me-

CNAS: I am CNAS-Tale. I'm sorry, really I am, but I swear my allegiance to the gods.

Sans.T: what gods?

CNAS: The users of the Undertale AU Wiki. I'm sorry, but I gotta follow the rules. Or at least the stuff the gods are doing now!

Sans.T: nooooo, please dont kill me!

CNAS: Don't worry, i'll try to make it non canon!

>As Sans.T cries for mercy, CNAS decapitates him<

CNAS: Crap... Now the gods are gonna try and kill ME off! Might as well join them...

>CNAS goes into the a page where he can make a wiki account<