>Continued from last time<

CNAS: Okay, we are done, Flamer's got his katana, i've got a brush and my missing vertebrae back and...wait, what do we need now?

C. Gothic: Yeah, we've got everything we need, what else do we need?

Me: Already worked it out.

>Suddenly someone bursts through the door, a tall human wearing alot of green and with blonde hair<

Me: Glad you got my message, TUTF.

TUTF: Ehh, glad to help, Flamer.

CNAS: Him, HIM? Why you bring TUTF here? D'you remember when he bet me at that contest, i'm still salty 'bout that.

Me: I am aware of that, but if we're gonna take down the factory, we need all the help we can get.

TUTF: Wow, can't believe you're STILL salty about that, that's pretty funny and sad.

CNAS: Ugh, shaddup!

Sans.T: okay, now we have that outta the way, shall we go and kick some ass?

CNAS: Now ya speaking my language. LET'S KICK THE ASS OF THAT 'DOCTOR' BLOKE!

Consolas (Armored)
>They all go to the rendezvous point at the meat factory entrance, where they meet TNR, Impact, Sans, Papyrus and a tall horned skeleton with a suit of greenish armor and a red long-sleeved shirt<


Consolas: Hello.

CNAS: Hey TNR, you promised two reinforcements. Where is the other one?

Consolas: TNR did originally mean that, as he wanted me and my sister Fixedsys to help, but we decided it's a bit too dangerous for her from what the factory's done to everyone. Besides, look's like you've already got reinforcement number 2.

>Points at TheUnderTaleFan355<

CNAS: Fair point...

Sans.T: ok, so where is the doctor.

Consolas: At the other end of the factory, near the barrier.

Times New Roman: WAIT, WHAT!?

Consolas: Long story, but The Doctor has managed to take over the whole entire Underground minus the ruins, enslaving everyone.

Times New Roman: H-HOW'DA FIND THAT OUT!?

Consolas: Again, long story. The Doctor trusted me enough to tell me his motives, to kill the monsters and harvest their SOULs to break the barrier. That's all I know though.

Me: Wow, what a sadist. Glad to have you on board, Consolas.

Impact: Okay, 'nough o' the boring talk, LET'S KICK SOME ASS!

CNAS: Yeah, YEAH! Let's go!

>CNAS draws a portal to the barrier. They find the emergency exit of the factory. The bust the door over and make a really dramatic and cool looking entrance<

CNAS: Never fear, Crazy Nude Artist Sans is, hereee...

The Doctor
>A chair in front of a desk turns, revealing a tall figure in a pale dark green butchers outfit, with a weird looking mask, who spoke in a quiet and smooth yet eerie voice<

The Doctor: Hello, i've been expecting you. The rouges, the intruders, the escapists aaand, the jolly green giant, I assume.

Consolas: Hello, doc.

The Doctor: It's really nice to see you again, Consolas. It's a shame you betrayed me and you must be executed from you're crimes.

Me: Shut up Doc, you're gonna pay for f***ing with this timeline!

>Pulls out his katana, and lunges at the Doctor, impaling him. Everyone else gasps<

Me: *Grunts*

The Doctor: I pity you a lot, Sandy, you're just a bit two gullible.

The Team: *Gasps*

>Flamer collapses with a meat cleaver lodged in his chest, his katana lodged in his leg<

CNAS: See, this is why you should never be gullible Flamer, otherwise you'll end up like you are now, stone dea-

>The Doctor pulls out his cleaver from the now unconscious TNF's chest<

CNAS: aaaaad... I did not just s*** myself. Mainly 'cause I can't but-

The Doctor: Pardon me for being rude, but can you please die now?

>The Doctor throws his cleaver at CNAS. CNAS dodges, but the cleaver hits TheUnderTaleFan in his, uhh... well in his, er, junk. TUTF collapses<

CNAS: Uhh, thanks for stealing my revenge plan, d*** cheese!

The Doctor: Oh, I am sorry, I apologise for that. Well, there is no use of looking at the glass being half empty, least i've stil killed 2 out of the, *quickly counts each team member* 10 of you.


The Doctor: I'm sorry Papyrus, but I do have to do this.


>Papyrus lunges towards The Doctor wielding two bones. Sans follows, manifesting a gaster blaster. Theyy attack The Doctor at the same time, creating a huge cloud of dust. Sans and Papyrus' heads emerge from the cloud.<

Papyrus (In a monotone voice): WE DEFEATED HIM, NYEH!

Sans (Monotone): wait is he?

The Doctor's Voice: No, no i'm not.

>Sans and Papyrus collapse and the dust cloud dissipates, revealing an unscathed Docter, with a slight crack in his mask<

The Doctor: It's a shame that you've meddled with me, I liked you guys, really, but you've completely messed up mu job, so now you must be cleansed from this world.

>The Doctor lunges at C. and Sans.T. Sans.T tries to delete his code, but it doesn't work. C. Gothic tries to freeze his time, but it doesn't work either> Doc stops near them<

The Doctor: Sorry, but you don't want to hurt me, you want me to hurt you

Sans.T and C. Gothic (Monotone): Yes, Doctor.

>Sans.T and C. Gothic get stabbed by The Doctor and collapse<

Impact: Enough is enough, i've had it with yer s*** doc, prepare you're ass, partner!

Times New Roman: IMPACT, DON'T BE A FOOL!

Consolas: Okay TNR, don't wimp out, just grow a f***ing pair and actually do something!

>Impact pulls out a gun made of bone and Consolas conjures up a spear made of bone and they lunge at The Doctor<

Times New Roman: UGHH, EHH, F*** IT!

>TNR pulls out a bone tonfa and lunge at The Doctor. The Doctor pulls out his cleaver, which causes TNR to run away, whereas Consolas and Impact destroy The Doctor's mask while The Doctor slits their (non-existent) throats. The mask breaks of, revealing the head of a pale skinned, black haired, grey eyed human with a chunk of missing flesh below his right eye<

The Doctor (Unmasked)
The Doctor (Trying to cover his face): Oh dear, you broke my face of, this just will not work!

CNAS and Times New Roman: Holy S***, YOU'RE A HUMAN?!

The Doctor (Trying to cover his face): Well yes, but you weren't supposed to find that out. I am even more sorry than before. Irregardless you will still have to die.

CNAS and Times New Roman: Oh. S***!