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Me: The sitcom crew are gone... right?!

>Crickets start chirping<

CNAS: Well, they're still here, as ash.

Me: As long as they're gone... or dead.

C. Gothic: Wow... you're really nasty Flamer.

Me: No s*** i'm nasty, but they were worse, they made a really s****y and repetitive joke, which was used twice! It was f***ing cringy then, and it's cringy now.

Sans.T: so, what do we do now?

>Crickets start chirping<

Me: Let's find some weird AU, or a cool timeline. Hows that sound?

C. Gothic: How to we change which timeline we go to? Don't we get taken to a random timeline each time?

CNAS: I dunno, why cant I have a chimichanga? I'm hungry!

>The go to the Undertale portal in The Creative Realm<

Me: Okay, so rotate each heart on the door like this:

>Rotates the upper left heart on the door 90 degrees left, the upper right heart 90 degrees right and the lower right heart 180 degrees. A door knob appears, labeled FUN. Below it was a number<

Sans.T: fun... wait, is that-

CNAS: The Fundamental Universal Number, the values of each AU. How did we not find this out?

Me (Grinning): It's a secret, only Ink knows it, at least until I saw him change the values! Now we can access ALL timelines!

C. Gothic: Huh, who knew that these timelines could be controlled?

Sans.T: well, now we can really have some fun!

Me: I swear to god, Sans.T. If you don't shut up i'll kill you.

CNAS: Can I pick the FUN?

Me: Sure.

>Pulls out a phone<

CNAS: Since the main values only go to value 100, let's try 101.

C. Gothic: That's actually kind of an interesting idea, let's do it!

Sans.T: sure, thats a good idea.

Me: Okay, FUN value 101 it is.

>Sets the FUN to 101<

Me: shall we go, gentlemen?

Sans.T, CNAS and C. Gothic: Yes.

>They enter the door. The end up near Snowdin town<

CNAS: This is boring, it's the same thing! Lets go home, I want chimichangas!

C. Gothic: Something doesn't feel right though... I can't see anything in the distance. We should be able to see at least a bit of Snowdin town, but there's just grey fog.

Sans.T: gothic's right, it's a bit eerie.

Me: Well, what are we waiting for, let's go.

CNAS: Okay...

>They go into the grey fog. They see a giant steel building, like Alphys' lab, but more creepy. Sounds of machinery fill the air<

CNAS: If i could s***, and if I was wearing pants, they'd be fulla s***!

C. Gothic: Christ, it's really creepy, isn't it?

Me: W-well, no use j-just sitting here. Sh-shall we go i-in?

Sans.T: ...s-sure, why not...

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