>Continued from last time<

>TNF lunges towards Error with his katana. Error takes 0.000001 damage<

Error (Lightly chuckling): Is that all you've got!? Hehe, YOU REALLY ARE AN IDIOT!

>Summons 2 glitched-out Gaster Blasters and fires them at Flamer. He blocks with his katana<

Erroe: You're really persistent, aren't you?!

Sans.T: heh, guess its my turn!

>Fires his programmed Gaster Blasters at Error. Error takes 0.0001 damage<

Error: It started of funny, but now your attacks are just pitiful.

>Surrounds each person with Gaster Blasters<

C. Gothic: Well, I guess we're going to die.

Me: C. Gothic, this ain't the time for jokes!

C. Gothic: Your right,

>Snaps his fingers, freezing time.<

C. Gothic (Grinning): It isn't the time for jokes.

>Re-positions the Gaster Blasters to surround Error, then unfreezes time. Error takes 10 damage and gets knocked back<

Error (In pain): Uggh, the hell was THAT?

>C. Gothic freezes time again. Places a clock needle above and below Error and unfreezes time<

Error (In shock): The fu-

>C. Gothic attacks Error with the clock hand repeatedly. 15 damage dealt.<

Error (In pain): You son of a b****, I'LL KIll YOU!

>Grabs a glitched bone and lunges towards C. Gothic, who freezes Error's time<

C. Gothic: Let's finish this.

Me (Breaking the 4th wall): Well, s***, this is going to be the shortest part of CNAS-Tale.

Sans.T: dude, it may be longer.

Me: Doubt it.

>Flamer shoots a flame wall, Sans.T uses a Gaster Blaster and C. Gothic throws a pendulum like a yoyo at Error. 50 Damage dealt. C. Gothic unfreezes time<

Error (In pain): C-christ!

Sans.T: sorry error, guess youre outta time!

Error (In pain): S-shut up S.T!

Sans.T: im sans.t.

Error (In pain): W-whatever! I-it makes no d-difference!

Me: Error, get. Us. Outta here!

Error: Fine, as long as you leave me alone.

>30 minutes later<


CNAS: Oh, hi. What took you so long? Where are my burritos!?

Me: W-what? CNAS, we never left to get you burritos, you kicked us out, remember.

CNAS: Oh yeah, whos ya friend?

C. Gothic: Hi, i'm Century Gothic. Call me C. Gothic.

Me: He's gonna stay with us.

CNAS: Great, surrounded by even more idiots. You're probably good C, but you to are wankas!

Sans.T: well, we got assaulted by error and yet your still a d***. im impressed!

CNAS: Shut up, now, can we get some burritos?

>I grunt for 5 seconds. It cuts to the group at a Mexican food store<

Me: I hate you, CNAS!

CNAS: Love you too, bruther!

>CNAS sees the interviewer from Parts 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75<

CNAS: Hi interviewer!

Interviewer: Hi guys. Having fun?

CNAS: Yes!

Me: No!

Sans.T: yes!

C. Gothic: Yes, it's fun.

Interviewer: See you have some company.

CNAS: Yup, new characters that have unique personalities and powers, and will most probably never get properly fleshed out!

C. Gothic: Don't be rude, CNAS.


Interviewer: Well, see you guys later.

The crew: See ya later!

>The interviewer leaves<

Sans.T you were worried that this issue was going to be short, but it isn't that short.

Me: Ehh, you're right Sans.T. Okay, let's go.

>The crew leave the comic, literally<