>Continued from last time<

Sans.T: who is that guy? should we go check him out?

Me: Last time I did that in a situation like this, I got assaulted by a psychotic Sans.

Sans.T: come on flamer, everyone should have a bit of backbone!

Me: Fine, but only if it stops your s****y puns.

Century Gothic
>Approaches the person, a skeleton a bit taller than a regular Sans. He was wearing a pair of headphones, a hoodless jacket and a pair of jeans. The figure turns around. TNF starts sweating<

???: If there were two astronauts alone in space, and one threw a rock at the other, would that be f***ed up or what?

>The figure slightly chuckles<

Sans.T (Whispering): uhh, whats the deal with that guy.

???: Hi, i'm Century Gothic, but just call me C. Gothic.

Me: Uhh, hi C. Gothic, i'm T-theNitroFlamer and this is Sans.T.

Sans.T: why are you here? where is here?

C. Gothic; This is some kind of void, I guess. As for why i'm here, well, it's a bit complicated.

Me: What, where you a part of a failed experiment?

C. Gothic: The funny thing about is that you're right about that, Flamer.

Me (Shocked): Christ, I was joking.

C. Gothic: I know. I've got my own question though, how are you here?

Sans.T: we were kicked out of our house.

C. Gothic: ...What?

Me: That's also a long story.

Sans.T: yeah, it's confusing, probably over a universal level!


>TNF and Sans.T explained the Undertale multiverse and C. Gothic explained how he was stranded in the void<

C. Gothic: AUs. Timelines. This is really confusing.

Sans.T: its even more confusing if you consider that in the main universe you dont even exist.

C. Gothic: Sure is.

Me (Noticing a door in the distance.): Hey C.G, what's that door in the distance.

C. Gothic (looking at the door): Huh, I haven't checked it out yet.

Sans.T: should we check it out?

C. Gothic: Sure, might as well.

>They go through the door, only to be warped to a glitched realm<

C. Gothic: Christ, this place looks a bit weird doesn't it?

Me: Sure does, C.G.

Sans.T: you could say this place has broken down.

Me: I SWEAR TO GOD CNA- I mean, Sans.T!

Sans.T: wow, youre really starting to go crazy, arent you?


Error: Who's here!?

Me (Whispering to myself): Oh you have GOT to be S****ING ME!

Error: Flamer! What are you doing here?!

Me: Uhh, CNAS kicked me out.

Error: You're s****ing me, aren't you? That is easily the stupidest thing I've heard in a while! Sans.T: heya error, remember me?

Error: S.T? You look even stupider than before.

Me: That is not S.T Error.

Error: Whatever. Now, what about you, headphones.

C. Gothic: I'm Century Gothic.

Error: O.K. Now i'll ask this again. WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE!

Me: I told you, CNAS kicked us out, exept C. Gothic, who we found when we where kicked out.

Error: Bulls***!

Me: It ain't bulls***, f***er!

>Draws his katana and lunges towards Error<

Sans.T: welp, this is going to get messy.

>Pulls out 2 holographic touchscreens and summons some Gaster Blasters<

C. Gothic: Well, this isn't what I expected to do this afternoon. Welp, I've got time.

>Ignites his eyes<

What will happen to our heroes? Who will win the battle? And does anyone else think this part is shorter than usual? All of this and more will be answered next time!