>Cheesy sitcom music starts playing<

CNAS-Tale is filmed for a live studio-

Me: We went over this last time. People think we're lazy s***s for reusing the same joke, so go home, and STAY THERE THIS TIME!

Jeez, calm down.

Me: No, f*** off, aholes. Burn in hell. Actually, burn right now!

>Shoots a fireball at the sitcom crew. They burn to death. LV Increased<

Me: ...S***! Welp, better find CNAS.

CNAS: What are you talking about. I've been here the whole time, 'Chara.'

Me: Why did you call me Chara?

CNAS: 'Cause you're a genocidal maniac!

Me: Shut up, CNAS.

>Looks behind CNAS and notices Ink and Create<

Me: ...

CNAS: BTW, Ink and Create are here.

Ink: Hello Flamer.

Create: Hi.

Me: Uhh, hi. What are you doing here, guys?

Ink: Well, CNAS wanted our help to create an AU of his own, since he has almost no experience, except the experience of creating Light.

Me: CNAS hates creating AUs, especially after the whole Light incident. Why does he want to create an AU now.

Create: That's what we thought when he first asked us, but he told us his motivations. It wasn't a convincing reason, but we decided to do it anyways.

Ink: Basically he wanted us to make an AU based on the old S.T sprite he made.

Me: Why???

CNAS: Remember that comment S.T put on my page, the one that joked about the accidental creation of an AU mix of Sans and S.T?

Me: The deleted one by S.T?

CNAS: Yep, that's the one.

Me: So you wanted to make an AU based on that one s****y joke made by an AU that annoys you.

CNAS: Well, basically. Yeah!

Ink: We're almost done, we just need to put his sprite on the Glorious Sheet of Sans Sprites so people can properly comprehend him.

>CNAS pastes a picture of the Sans.T characters sprite on the Glorious Sheet of Sans Sprites. Create draws the sprite on the sheet and Ink finishes off by coloring the sprite. CNAS removes the picture, revealing the sprite on the sheet<

Create: And we are finished.

Me: Great, this is fan-tucking-fastic

CNAS: Drum roll, please.

>Ink starts doing a makeshift drum roll<

CNAS: Sanses and mentlegen, presenting to you, Sans.T!

>Pulls down a tarp, revealing a character that looks like the old S.T sprite<


Sans.T: heya, i'm sans.t

CNAS: Hello Sans.T, I am your father, Crazy Nude Artist Sans. These are your other fathers, Create!Sans and Ink!Sans, and that grumpy s***head over there is you're (7) grand dad TheNitroFlamer.

Sans.T: cool. hey cnas, i got a question for you.

CNAS: What is it?

Sans.T: can you not act like a crazy a**hole?


>CNAS shoves TNF and Sans.T out of The Picasso Pad<


>Slams the door shut.<

Sans.T: well, he really is a d***head.

Me: He forgot to activate a portal to The Creative Realm!

>Sans.T and Flamer notice that they are in a void. Unlike Dark's void, this void was a long corridor made of grey bricks<

Sans.T: well, this is looks like a bleak situation.

Me: Shut up Sans.T.

Sans.T: hehe, o.k. but seriously, where are we?

Me: Dunno, if CNAS forgets to setup the portal to The Creative Realm, the exit of The Picasso Pad randomly teleports the people/person to a random dimension outside the timeline.

Sans.T: huh, that's weird. >Notices someone in the distance< hey, who's that.

Me (Noticing the figure): Dunno. (Christ, not again!)

What will happen to Sans.T and Flamer? Who IS the figure in the distance? And will Sans.T and Flamer exit the realm? All of this and more will be answered next time!