Me (The actual me.): This is part 0.5 of Crazy Nude Artist Sans' official AU. This part is the introduction to Me (Yes, i'm in CNAS-Tale, my ego is a bit big.) Now, on to the AU.

Interviewer: ...Were is he?

Actual TNF
Me (Panting): Sorry, *huff,* I had to get CNAS some enchiladas, *huff,* so he didn't come over here, *huff.* And mind you, I had to get aloooot of enchiladas since CNAS eats really quickly f***ing quickly.

Interviewer: Okaaaaaayy? Anyways, how do you feel about being a character in an AU?

Me: Well, nothing really, mainly because I'm already in an AU. But let me get this clear, UTAUWikiTale me is NOT the same entity as CNAS-Tale me.

Interviewer: I don't understand. How-

Me: You don't have to finish that question. When CNAS killed me, my NEGA SOUL (Technically I don't HAVE a soul, instead I have a pseudo-soul which keeps me alive) broke in half. One half of the soul (The over-the-top ego maniac side) was put into a robotic body, AKA: UTAUWikiTale me, and the other half was put into a recreation of my organic body, AKA: Me.

Interviewer: That was a lenghty response. So anyways, what's it like living with CNAS?

Me: Pardon my french, but it's absolute s***! He either does something random/stupid, which I can mostly ignore, or annoys me, regardless of what i'm doing.

Interviewer: Next question, what is your role on the wiki?

Me: I'm CNAS' supervisor and i'm the one that puts the sprites on the wiki. If CNAS did it, he'd change every article to either self promoting BS or racially insensitive propaganda.

Interviewer: Okaaaaaayy? So, last question, Can I have a role in the AU?

Me: NO!

Interviewer: Ok ;(

>5 Minutes Later<

CNAS: And dats how I rekt xXx_CNASSbICH_xXx on Call of Duty: Undertale edition.

Me: That game doesn't exist.

CNAS: Does in this world!

Interviewer: So, when can I see CNAS' transformation?

CNAS: Your still here? Fine, i'll show you soon, but first, buy me a Mountain Dew.

Interviewer (Coming back with a Mountain Dew): Ok, but why?

CNAS: Shut up, doing da dew!

>Pours the dew on his closed mouth 'till it was about a 1/3 filled with Mountain Dew<

CNAS: Bottle flipping time!

>Bottle flips, then dabs after landing it successfully<

CNAS (Twiching rapidly and imitating Jontron): OOOOOOOOOH!

>CNAS starts contorting his body in crazy ways, like a GMod ragdoll<

Interviewer: Wait, whats going on!?

Me: His transformation only occurs when he witnesses enough memes in half an hour.

Interviewer (Staring at CNAS): Ohh... wait, what's happening!?

A narrator: What will happen to CNAS? What will happen to the other guys? And what about that sick bottle flip? All of this (exept the bottle fip one) and more will be answered next time!