Me (The actual me, not the character me): This is Crazy Nude Artist Sans' official AU. The first 3 parts are basically introductions to CNAS, Me (Yes, i'm in CNAS-Tale) and CNAS' transformation. Now, on to the AU.

Interviewer: Thanks for seeing us, CNAS.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans Sprite
CNAS: No problemo my coolio bro!

Interviewer: So anyways Mr CNAS, since your getting your own AU, what do-

CNAS: Itsa gonna be gr8t!

Interviewer: Uhh, Mr CNAS, we didn't finish that question.


Interviewer: >Silently curses< So anyways, What do you think of that friend of yours?

CNAS: TNF's a pig f***ing piece of s*** that doesn't let me do anythings. HE PROMISED ME TACOES! HE AIN'T GIVE ME MAI TACOES! GIVE ME MAI F***ING TACOES!!!

>5 Minutes later (CNAS went on a rampage)<

Interviewer: M-Mr CNAS, h-h-here are your t-tacoes from Flamer.

CNAS: Ooh, tacoes! *Sniffs air* why does it smell like s***?

Interviewer: T-that is me, I s*** myself when you went on a rampage. So an-anyways, how do you like existence as one of the most popular AUs and a popular art contibutor on the wiki?

CNAS: It's a clusterf*** of really good AUs, cool moderators and S.T. Go home S.T, yu SUUUUUUUUUCK!

Interviewer: Mr CNAS, that is rude.

CNAS (Eating one of his tacoes): Excuse me, i'm eating my tacoes.

Interviewer: Final question CNAS, what is "The Meme Lord and Savior of Munchkin Land?"

CNAS: A transformation that will be explained next time's next time!

Interviewer: Wait, wha-

To Be Continued

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