TNF was sitting in an AU called Destroytale, drawing a sprite of that AUs Sans. He was having trouble thinking of ideas of what exactly to do in the Undertale Multiverse, so in boredom he decided to draw sprites and upload them to this website called 'The Undertale AU wiki,' since a lot of the AUs on that wiki had no art, so he decided to make some art himself, cause as he put it, 'why not'?

TNF (Finishing the final touches of his sprite): Aaaand we are done! >Looks at the sprite< Well, this is perfect for the wiki.

>TNF starts to upload his sprite to the wiki, and once he finished, he went back to his realm. Bored out of his mind, he started to watch some dank memes about bottle flipping, PPAP and other 2016 fads which should have died along with the end of the year. Just as he was watching a really silly Harambe meme, he heard a weird voice<

The voice: ...ill the... all...

TNF: Uhh, what? who said that?!

>TNF draws his katana and looks around seeing no-one. He sheathes his katana, only to hear the voice again<

The voice: Kill them all...

TNF: Who said that!?

The voice: Kill them all!

TNF (Starting to get salty): SHUT UP!

>TNF suddenly starts feeling a migraine. As he clutches his head in agony, his eyes turned a bright red and he no longer felt pain, or anything, as TNF started to black out, but before that, he could here himself say something that he didn't say himself<

TNF?: Finally.

>TNF woke up in a ditch, somewhere in an AU version of Waterfall<

TNF: Oww.. my head hurt- Achoo!

>TNF looks down to see his hoodie covered in a type of dust which is the dead remains of monsters. In horror, he pulls out his SOUL and checks the stats, to see the following; LV: 20, EXP TO NEXT LEVEL: 55. In horror, TNF puts away his SOUL and draws a portal to his realm<

TNF (Sitting at his computer): T-this is impossible... W-w-what the hell h-happened!? T-this wont happen again...

>TNF checks the Destroy!Sans page on the UTAU Wiki, only to see a comment liking his sprite<

TNF: O-oh my god.... This is amazing!

>In awe, TNF had a bright gleam in his eyes and a determined look on his face. He sits down on his computer and opens 3 windows, a page of Undertale AU creator Sanses, a notepad window and a playlist of the dankest of memes. 3 hours later, TNF finishes planning a crazy nude artist Sans, which is what he decided to name his Sans<

TNF: Crazy Nude Artist Sans... Now THAT has a good ring to it!

???: Sure does!

>In shock and horror, TNF turns around to see a tall, naked Sans with a French beret, a weed eye, a Jar-Jar Binks eye and a weird mustache<

TNF (In shock): W-who-

???: Hallo, my name a Borat. Nah, just kidding, I'm Crazy Nude Artist Sans, but you can call me CNAS.

TNF (In more shock and looking at both CNAS and his moniter): H-h-how-