TNF: Where the hell am I now?!

>TNF gets up and looks around the realm<

TNF (Reading the doors): Undertale, Underfell, Horrortale? What IS this place?!

>TNF opens the Undertale door, only to see a snowy forest<

TNF: ...Is that Snowdin?

>TNF closes the door and opens the Underfell door, to see a darker version of Snowdin<

TNF: ...Huh...

>TNF keeps looking through each door, observing the different AUs. A few days later, TNF started to get more curious, so he started observing the AUs, taking notes on the different people and the differences between other versions of them<

TNF: Man, this AU stuff is getting complicated...

>Suddenly an alternate version of Sans comes out of one of the doors. This version of Sans looked like a painter. TNF starts getting nervous<

TNF (To himself): Ohs***iforgottoshutoneofthedoor!

Ink: Oh, hello!

TNF: Uhh... Hello.

Ink: So uhh, who are you?

TNF: Ehh, it's kind of a long story...

>TNF explains who he is and what happened up until that point in time. Ink explains who he is and tells TNF about things relating to the multiverse<

TNF: Huh, so all this started from creative minds.

Ink: Yeah, all these AUs made by creative minds, creating a large multiverse.

TNF: Makes everything feel kinda insignificant, don't it?

Ink: Not really, I mean things never get dull- Uhhh, what were we talking about again?

TNF: We we're talking about the multiverse, remember?

Ink: Sorry, kinda forget things sometimes.

TNF: Oh... Well, now that I know all this stuff, what do I do?

Ink: Well, there are a few options. You can create AUs, protect them, destroy them, assist the creators, and there are other options.

TNF: Hmmm, AU creation, that might be good.

>TNF gets some supplies to create his own AU. First of all, he finds a hidden location where he can make a realm where he can reside with access to The Creative Realm. After preparing his realm, TNF starts to plan his AU. At first, he tries to make his AU a sequel to the true pacifist story where the humans and monsters went back to war after the barrier was destroyed. TNF felt it was to convoluted and messy, so he scrapped the idea and decided to make it a mix of Aftertale and Dusttale. Once he finished it, he constructed a door to the AU in The Creative Realm<

TNF (Finishing the door): Aaaaand... Done, my AU is complete!

>TNF looks at his glorious AU, Beyondtale<

TNF: Well... What now?