Error: well well well, looks like i've finally found you flamer.

TNF: Wait, are you talking to me? Nonono, that's the guy you're lookin' for!

>TNF points at Gaster!Flamer<

Gaster!Flamer: Asshole, are you trying to get me killed?!

TNF: No, i'm just pointing you out, I mean I ain't the he's looking for!

>Error stares at the TNFs, then shouts<

Error (Frustrated): ENOUGH! i don't care which one of you is which, cause either way you're both gonna die.

TNF: Oh bulls***, neither of us are gonna die, it's YOU that'll die! TERIAAAAA!

>TNF draws his katana with both of his hands and lunges at Error. Error flawlessly deflects TNF's attack and grabs his SOUL with his blue strings<

Error: well, that was easy! any last words?

TNF: My one regret is not talking like a pirate on talk like a pirate day. Should've given that a chance...

Gaster!TNF: Get your hands of me you degenerate scum!

>Gaster!TNF puts all 7 of his hands together so all 7 holes point towards Error<

Gaster!Flamer: 7 Hand blast!

>A huge blast comes out of the holes in his hands, knocking Error back and freeing TNF<

TNF: Thanks.

Gaster!Flamer: No problem, now what'dya say we show this bum what we're made of?

TNF: Lets G!Flamer, lets!

>Both Flamers draw their swords and rushes towards Error. Just as Error got back up the Flamers deliver a large blow against Error, once again knocking him back<

Error (In pain): jeez, you really don't know when to quit, do you?

TNF: Nope!

>TNF hastily lunges at Error. Error was fast enough to react, hitting TNF so hard that he was forced out of the void. TNF bashed his head against a door, causing him to black out. His life starts to flash before his eyes, bu instead of the events flashing forward from the moment he was born, he saw events that have't even happened yet. He saw himself in what looked like an interview. He saw himself lunge at a creature with a strange bird mask, surrounded by a group of people, mostly skeletons. He saw himself surrounded by more people facing a mysterious, dark figure with glowing, red + purple eyes. Finally he saw a strange looking creature, a half-human half-skeleton, with a chainsaw hand similar to Ash from 'The Evil Dead.' TNF then wakes up to see a colorful garden, filled with many colorful flowers, a beautiful light purple sky and hundreds of doors, each having a label, a different color and no presumed reason to exist<

TNF: What the hell...