TNF waked up in a dark void, his notes spread across the plain of existence which would be counted as the floor. He grabbed all his notes, and tried running out the void but to no avail.

TNF: Fuck, FUCK, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Cock-sucking piece of shit!

>TNF falled to the ground in despair<

TNF: ...Well, might as well enjoy myself, grab a chair, grab a beer and watch my pool, except I can't do that because I'M STUCK IN LIMBO!

???: Can you shut up whoever you are? You're really annoying me!

>TNF looked around, then saw a tall skeleton, with a similar appearance to himself, but more beaten up, with different clothes and levitating hands following him. TNF backed away in shock and horror<

TNF: Holy s***, who are you?!

???: Well, I'm not sure... I am this timeline's Gaster and I am also an alternate you, but at the same time I am neither...

>TNF stared at the skeleton in confusion. He realized that he was speaking wingdings and pulled out his translation sheet<

TNF: Can you repeat that.

>The skeleton repeated what he said before and TNF translated it to the following: 'Well, I'm not sure... I am this timeline's Gaster and I am also an alternate you, but at the same time I am neither...' TNF stared at him in confusion<

TNF: Uhh... can you speak English?

???: (Sighs) Fine, is this good enough for you?!

TNF: Yep! So, why did you say your Gaster AND me?

???: Yes. For the time being you may address me as Gaster!Flamer. As for who I am or why I'm here, well it's a long story...

>Gaster!Flamer explained everything about why he exists. He was an AU version of TNF, who due to an incident involving 'his creation' and a 'uncontrollable glitch,' was stranded in a deleted timeline of the main universe. He merged with that timelines Gaster and became an amalgamated abomination<

TNF: AUs? Timelines? What the f*** are you talking about?!

Gaster!Flamer: ...Are you not aware of the AUs? You're one of the ignorant ones I see... Now can you tell me anything you know?

>TNF showed him his notes and explained everything that happened to him since he met that skeleton<

TNF: -and then I showed you my notes and explained everything that happened.

Gaster!Flamer: Did you have to include every minute detail? I didn't exactly need to here the part where you explained everything to me since you were EXPLAINING EVERYTHING TO ME! (Sighs) Do you at least know anything about combat, because I have a strong feeling that the Error is after me, and to be honest, I don't think I can take him out by myself.

TNF: I don't know s*** 'bout combat! I can barely understand wingdings!

Gaster!Flamer: (Sighs) Fair point... Now, do you want to learn a form of combat?

TNF: With the threat of a blood hungry glitch on the horizon, I'd say the better question is do you not want to learn combat!

Gaster!Flamer: Excellent, now let's begin.

>Gaster!Flamer drew two swords, a katana in a dark red sheathe with the Japanese word for flamer engraved in it, and the other sword being a replica of the Attack on Titan blade. He chucked the katana to TNF in sheathe<

Gaster!Flamer: Keep it, I don't need that katana anymore.

TNF: You never mentioned anything about swordplay?

Gaster!Flamer: Swordplay is just as much a style of combat as much as the martial arts you associate with combat, but when used correctly, the art of the sword is much more efficient.

TNF: Huh...

Gaster!Flamer: Now let's begin.

>Gaster!Flamer began teaching TNF swordplay. TNF did exceptional, but Gaster!Flamer kept complaining<

Gaster!Flamer: Sloppy, your technique is sloppy, your movement is predictable and your grip is too sloppy.

TNF: Shut up you nitpicking s***!

>TNF drew his new katana and lunged at his Gaster variant, but Gaster!Flamer dodged effortlessly<

Gaster!Flamer: Sloppy!

>Gaster!Flamer drew his sword and attacked TNF, who grabbed the blade of the sword. Blood started trickling down his hand<

Gaster!Flamer: Are you kidding me, do you want to get yourself killed?!

TNF: (sighs) I dunno, just shut up!

>Gaster!Flamer's face went into shock<

TNF: What?

>Gaster!Flamer ignited his eyes and asked Flamer to expose his SOUL<

Gaster!Flamer: Holy s***! Y-your SOUL.. It's fulla rage!

TNF: Oh bulls***, I TOLD you me and the skeleton forged a new SOUL to get rid of any traces of rage-

>Gaster!Flamer started to laugh hysterically<

TNF: What!?

Gaster!Flamer: Haha, ha... You and that skeleton really aren't as sharp as you may believe! When constructing a NEGA SOUL-

TNF: Nega-SOUL??

Gaster!Flamer: It's the term I use to describe a pseudo SOUL, anyways, constructing one doesn't rid the SOUL of the trait, just heavily tones it down. You're still a vessel of rage, you just need A LOT more aggravation for it to be noticeable.

TNF: ...Sweet Jesus...

>TNF sits on the ground in shocked despair<

TNF: ...Wow, I can't believe that I've still got a rage SOUL...

Gaster!Flamer: Cheer up, It'll probably be 10-15 years before the rage has any noticeable affect on you...

TNF: Guess you're right. (Stands up) Now G!Flamer, I've got one last question to ask you: can you teach me wingdings?

Gaster!Flamer: ... bit of a sudden emotion change but why not?

>TNF ad Gaster!Flamer started the wingdings lesson. TNF did exceptional like before but Gaster!Flamer was much more forgiving<

Gaster!Flamer: Well done, you actually did well!

TNF: Thanks! Now, what am I supposed to do?

Gaster!Flamer: Welp, there's nothing else to do except wait for Error...

Error: you called?

>TNF and Gaster!Flamer turned around to see Error!Sans<

Error: hello flamers, did you miss me