Alphys shows the human around the true lab, including an entrance to a CORE maintenance facility, a room for SOUL experimentation and the amalgamates. The human eventually settled into the true lab.

The human: Thanks for this Alphys. By the way, can I stay here for my research.

Alphys: N-no problem! Also, do you w-w-want me to give you some extra notes on the monster SOUL?

The human: Sure, that'll help me a fair bit.

>Alphys goes and gets some notes. All of them were in a strange language which consisted of a lot of weird symbols, mainly hands<

Alphys: S-sorry that each note is in this language, it was the, uhhh, language that the former scientist used. I-I've got a translation sheet if you want it.

The human: Sure, that'll ALSO help me.

>Alphys goes to get the translation sheet. The human continues his research while Alphys continues her everyday life. Eventually the human ran out of food<

The human: Hey Alphys, I'm kinda running low on food supplies. Do you have anything I can sink my teeth into?

Alphys: I-I got some instant noodles.

The human: Thanks, that'll do.

>The human and Alphys went to get a pack of noodles. When they get back to the lab they see a tall human wearing a lot of green. There was a long pause<

Alphys (whispering): Oh my god, it's another human! D-do you know him?

The human (whispering): Nope, never seen him before. Why is he looking at those documents?

Alphys (whispering): I-I-I don't know, maybe he's reading about his SOUL

The human (whispering, reading the notes): If he is, then he's got one heck of a SOUL.

Alphys (reading the notes): Oh. My god.

>The other human inches back and trips over a bit of Amalgamate slime. His head clips the edge of a table, knocking him out. Alphys and the human analyse his SOUL<

Alphys: Th-this soul is powerful. We need to contain it.

>Alphys and the human pick him up and put his SOUL in a capsule and his body in an operating room<

Alphys: Hey, uhhh, what IS your name exactly?

The human: Uhh, well my nickname's TheNitroFlamer, but you can call me TNF.

Alphys: Okay. Now TNF, y-you see this human's soul?(TNF nods his head.) By D-dr. Gaster's research, this SOUL can absorb both any type of SOUL, both human AND monster

TNF: Jeez, that's pretty crazy!

Alphys: Y-y-yeah it's qui- (Alphys flies back against a wall.)

TNF: Alphys!

>TNF looks the human, who's SOUL returns to his body. He wakes up<

TNF: I don't know who you re, but me and Alphys NEED that SOUL!

>The human stares at TNF, then he pulls out a katana and lunges at TNF. TNF dodges at the last second<

The human: Please, GO AWAY NOW!

>What seems like hundreds of bones appear and fly at TNF<


>TNF runs and hides behind a wall. The human suddenly dissapears<

TNF: Holy shit! Alphys, you okay?

Alphys (getting up): Y-y-yeah, I'm o-okay...

TNF: Who was that guy?

Alphys: I dunno. H-h-his SOUL is just as powerful as in G-gaster's notes...

TNF: Well, at least we are okay...

>TNF and Alphys continue with their work. Eventually TNF got all the notes he needed<

TNF: Well, that's all I need. Thanks again Alph.

Alphys: N-no problem, but how are you gonna get back t-to the surface?

TNF: ...Maybe I can construct a pseudo-monster SOUL and use that to get through the barrier. We've got the materials.

Alphys: O-okay. We'll need some magic from the CORE though.

TNF: That's okay.

>TNF and Alphys go into the CORE maintenance facility and construct a monster SOUL<

Alphys: O-okay. Now you just need to escape the underground. G-good luck!

TNF: Thanks again Alph.

>TNF absorbs the SOUL, but the SOUL blows up and launches him into the CORE<

TNF: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....