After the human collected the skeletons notes, the human left, traveled the surface and continued to study the attributes of the SOUL. During this, he also had to learn how to speak the skeletons natural language so he could read a lot of his notes, which was nearly identical to the font webdings. The human eventually studied all he possibly could on the human SOUL, he decided to go to Mt. Ebbot to see the monsters and study their type of SOUL.

The human (Falling down the underground): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

>The human hits the ground, breaking his arm<

The human (In pain): Augh! Mother... F U C K E R ! Christ, no wonder no one who's fallen down they never come out, this fall would've practically broke them! Augh!

>The human gets up and limps across to the next room. He runs into a flower with a face<

Flowey: Howdy, i'm Flowey. Flowey the-

The human: Okay, i'm dead, stoned dead. I'm hallucinating! I'm outta here!

Flowey: Hey-

>The human walks to the next room, stepping on Flowey<

Flowey (In pain): Oww, THAT REALLY HURT, JERK!

>The human continues threw the ruins, surviving each puzzle and avoiding each enemy attack. He then walks pass an anthropomorphic goat lady wearing a purple dress<

Toriel: Oh, I thought I heard someone. Hello, my name is-

(The human walks passed Toriel, looking for a place were he can continue his research)

Toriel: -Toriel...

>The human continues throughout the underground dodging every threat and obstacle until he reached Hotland, where he sees a laboratory<

The human: Bingo!

>The human walks into the laboratory, which is pitch black<

The human (Looking for a light-switch): For fucksake! Why is the door unlocked but the lights switched off? This is like a cheesy plot twist in a sci-fi movie...

>An anthropomorphic lizard in a lab coat emerges from what appears to be a door and turns on the lights<

The human: Uhh... Thanks for turning the light on?

Alphys: ...Oh. My god.

>Alphys starts silently flipping out, but quickly comes to her senses<

Alphys: Umm... H-h-hiya. I'm Dr Alphys, royal scientist to Asgore.

The Human: Hello Alphys.

Alphys: I've uhh, b-b-been watching you through some hidden cameras throughout the underground...

The human: Uhh, why?

Alphys: W-w-well, I was originally going to, uhhh, try and stop you, but...

The human: But what?

Alphys: Well, watching someone on a screen really makes you root for them. S-so, ahhh, now I want to help you!

The human: First of all, I can think of a few instances where I wouldn't be left rooting for someone while watching them on screen, and second of all, thanks for your offer to help, but do you even know what I want to do.

Alphys: D-don't you want to leave the underground?

The human: Honestly I don't. All I wan't to do is study the traits and abilities of a monster soul.

Alphys: W-what?

The human: It's a long story...

>The human explains everything to Alphys<

The human: That's why I wanna study monster SOULs. I just wanna pay back the favor.

Alphys: W-w-wo, this is really important to you, isn't it? W-w-well, ahhh, I might be able to help you, b-but you gotta keep this a secret...

The human: Sure.

Alphys: Okay! F-follow me.

>Alphys leads the human towards an elevator and they go down to a dark, underground lab<