Actual Me: So, before chapter 2 I decided to create the backstory of all our CNAS-Tale characters, starting with the first one (In a timeline POV,) TheNitroFlamer. (The CNAS-Tale one, not any other version of me.)

Along time ago, in the year 200X, a human was born. This human was unique, as his SOUL had no definitive trait, meaning he could change his traits at will. He didn't know this whatsoever, and as of that, his personality didn't change often. His SOUL started alternating between the 6 core human traits Integrity, Perseverance, Patience, Justice, Bravery, and Kindness, usually making him act positive. However, one day he snapped, and then his SOUL was fulled with a new trait, one even more powerful than Fear and Determination. This SOULs trait is Rage. This SOUL harnesses all violent emotions and if these emotions are ever released, his SOUL can harness this power to create bursts of pure hate which can destroy anything, but without control, the SOUL stores the negative emotions, making the host more negative overall. This human eventually discovered a place in a remote location which could show humans how to use their SOULs and out of curiosity, he went there to find out about what his SOUL actually is.

The human (Looking at a map): Well, this has to be the location...

>The human looks up to see a small, sloppily constructed shack made from wood<

The human (Looking back at his map): ...Yeah, this is it... >Walks up to the shack and knocks the door< Anyone in here?

??? (Behind the door): Who are you, why are you here?

The human: Who I am doesn't matter, All you need to know is that I need to understand my SOUL, and i've heard the people in here can help me, if you can... Please, I need answers!

???: ...Are you sure you know want to know the secrets of the SOUL?

The human: I wanna know, I've heard a lot about the SOUL, and my personality traits don't match up with any existing SOUL type, and I need answers, please, help me! I need answers...

>The door opens, revealing a short skeleton with some cracks on his face.<

The human (In shock): Y-your a monster.

The skeleton (Slightly chuckling): He, course I am! You think a human can decipher the traits of a SOUL!? Humans really AREN'T the sharpest knives in the draw! Now come in.

>The human walks in the shack, seeing that the majority of the shack is a room filled with notes about the SOUL<

The skeleton: Sorry bout the mess, don't often have visitors so I usually don't clean up. Take a seat, i've just gotta get my notes.

The human (Sitting down): ...I thought there'd be more people here...

The skeleton: Nah, the thing bout humans is their curiosity bout stuff like this isn't usually that strong. >Stubs his toe on a chair< Shit! Sorry, stubbed my toe. Now, here are the basic notes one needs to learn how to use their SOUL. Experimenting with the SOUL was hard, but I found out just how to do it.

The human (Skimming through the notes): These notes have no connection to any of my personality traits.

The skeleton: Show me your SOUL, I might be able to tell you myself what your trait is.

>After skimming through the notes about using SOULs, the human shows the skeleton his SOUL, a firebrick red heart. The skeleton's jaw drops<

The skeleton: F-firebrick rd... Oh shit, shit, shitshitshitshitshit! This is so wrong, this cant be...

The human: What!?

The skeleton: Y-your SOUL is one of the rarest ever, your SOUL is pure rage.

The human: R-rage...!? Is that good or bad?

The skeleton: Bad, very bad. Your SOUL is powerful and not in a good way. It's very dangerous and difficult to control, and if people learn how to control it, the rage in ones SOUL can take over the hosts emotions and turn them into a being of hate.

The human: ...Holy s***! Is there anyway to remove hate from a SOUL, cause I value not being an asshole!

The skeleton: Only one way. We need to make a new SOUL and destroy the old SOUL at the same time.

The human: Okay, how the F*** does one create a new SOUL WHILE destroying the old!

>The skeleton explains a long and complicated ritual which will create the pseudo SOUL<

The skeleton: If you wanna do this, It not only will make your personality significantly weaker, but it will end me. If you wanna do this, can you continue my research after, well... I die?

The human: ...Sure, I'll continue your research.

>The skeleton starts to draw a pentagram on the floor with chalk while the human walks over to grab two knifes, but immediately hears a thud against the shack wall. Someone saying ouch was heard<

The human: What the heck was that?

The skeleton: How am I suppose to know?

>The skeleton looks outside the window, but doesn't see anyone.<

The skeleton: Just nothing huh, that's weird...

>Ignoring what just happened, the human grabs the two knives and exposes his SOUL. The skeleton sits on the pentagram and exposes his SOUL. The human then stabs the skeletons SOUL with on of his knives. The SOUL and the skeleton fade into a cloud of dust which circles the knife. The human stabs his own SOUL with the other knife while pulling the first knife out of the dust cloud at the same time. The shards of the human's SOUL merges with the dust cloud, creating a dark grey SOUL<

Me: So this is my replacement SOUL. Huh...

>The human absorbs his new SOUL and gathers all of the skeleton's notes<