Once again we're doing another 'Ask CNAS and Co,' mainly because the old one grew outdated and the roster expanded. Again.

Community Guidelines

  • Nothing related to things that aren't related to CNAS-Tale or the Undertale multiverse... Or pop culture.
  • Nothing related to Rule 34 or Rule 63, that's a big no-no!
  • Nothing about memes to CNAS or Swap variations. (otherwise they'd lose their s***, and we don't wan't that)
  • Nothing inappropriate (For teh kiddes)!
  • Nothing to do with the story of upcoming chapters. We ain't giving out spoilers here.
  • Only ask the designated cast (List provided below).

Characters to ask stuff

  • The main man himself, CNAS
  • The CNAS-Tale version of me
    • My 'Ghoul' alias
    • UTAUWikitale Me
    • The version from 'CNAS' real origin'
    • Gaster me from my origin
  • Century Gothic
  • Sans.T
  • Times New Roman
  • Impact
  • The CNAS-Tale version of TheUndertaleFan355
    • His 'エイリアス' alias
  • Corly
    • All her creations
    • Her 'Corbel' alias
  • Faxsgore
  • Rlopkid23
  • CNAS' Kids, Professor and LDMO
  • CNAS' brother CNAP
  • The CNAS-Tale versions of Gaster (Timeline 101 and CNAS' real origin)
  • Consolas
  • Fixedsys
  • The CNAS-Tale version of the Temmies
  • The Doctor
  • AskGus' OC Castellar
  • Timeline 101 Gaster's kids, Baker (CNAS-Tale version) and Laker
  • The versions of the characters in CNAS-Fell, CNAS-Swap, CNAS-Swapfell and CNAS-Shift


  • Beyond!Sans
  • Ash!Sans
  • Dying!Sans

As long as you follow these conditions, everything is fair game!