aka TNF

  • I live in The Picasso Pad (IRL: Australia)
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Youtuber, Gamer, Video Game Developer, Undertale AU Artist + Creator.
  • I am a dude. Let's face it, you've probably guessed it by now!
  • TheNitroFlamer

    I'm outta here

    August 12, 2017 by TheNitroFlamer

    As you can guess from the title, I am lo longer going to stay as a prominent part of the wiki, as I am suffering personal stuff IRL and to be frank, I just don't have the interest to do this stuff anymore. I won't be gone permanently as I may visit on one or two occasions but other than that, I just wont be here anymore. As for my AUs, CNAS-Tale will go to the 2nd biggest CNAS-Tale contributor TheUnderTaleFan355 and my other AUs can be inherited by whoever wants them. This has been TheNitroFlamer and I wish you all the best when I'm gone.

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  • TheNitroFlamer

    Gone Campin'

    July 18, 2017 by TheNitroFlamer

    As you may have guessed from the title, I'm gonna go away for a while. 3 days at a school camp with no Wi-Fi, meaning that starting from tomorrow i'll be unavailable for 3 days (Unless I get murdered by a psychotic hockey-masked zombie or a ghoust seeking revenge, but let's hope that doesn't happen.) So yeah, enjoy your time on the wiki and I'll see you's all in 3 days

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  • TheNitroFlamer

    CNAS (Looking at S.K's page on the wiki): Wow, Wiki Person killed S.K. I liked him. Let's check out some other pages.

    >CNAS goes to Fell!S.T's page, only to see he is also dead<

    CNAS: Wow... he killed off Fell!S.T too... Well, I can't say i'm TOO suprised about that one.

    >CNAS goes to the 'S.T type Skeletons' category page, only to see the line: 'This character is dead..... (no I'm not joking).'<

    CNAS: Oh Jebus, he's killing off al the S.T type skeletons. Hey Sans.T, come here.

    >Sans.T walks into the room<

    Sans.T: what is it cnas?

    >CNAS draws a knife<

    CNAS: I apologise, but Wiki Person is killing all the S.T type skeletons, so i'm afraid you have to die.

    Sans.T: no, no! im a main character, you cant kill me of the blue, cnas tale needs me-

    CNAS: I a…

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  • TheNitroFlamer

    Once again we're doing another 'Ask CNAS and Co,' mainly because the old one grew outdated and the roster expanded. Again.

    • Nothing related to things that aren't related to CNAS-Tale or the Undertale multiverse... Or pop culture.
    • Nothing related to Rule 34 or Rule 63, that's a big no-no!
    • Nothing about memes to CNAS or Swap variations. (otherwise they'd lose their s***, and we don't wan't that)
    • Nothing inappropriate (For teh kiddes)!
    • Nothing to do with the story of upcoming chapters. We ain't giving out spoilers here.
    • Only ask the designated cast (List provided below).

    • The main man himself, CNAS
    • The CNAS-Tale version of me
      • My 'Ghoul' alias
      • UTAUWikitale Me
      • The version from 'CNAS' real origin'
      • Gaster me from my origin
    • Century Gothic
    • Sans.T
    • Times New Roman
    • Imp…

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  • TheNitroFlamer

    Sans (To the human): 

    >The human attacks Sans, causing him to start bleeding out<


    >Sans walks away, only to fade into dust. The real Sans wakes up in a cold sweat<

    Sans (To himself):




    Sans: i'm going back to sleep, night papyrus.|comic sans ms}}


    >It cuts to the next scene where the skelebros are walking to their outposts<





    >It cuts to Sans sleeping outside the door to the ruins. He wakes up and decides to go to grillbys. After arriving he notices... something wrong<


    >Sans goes to the counter, noticing a pile of clothes on the floor covered in dust and water<


    >Sans rushes outside an runs to find Papyrus, only to find him getting attacked by a human and fading into dust<


    >Sans o…

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