Asgore the 2nd, or as he liked to be called in the palace, Zacahriah walked down the halls of the palace. The moon shone thru the windows and flickered off the polished marble halls, the palce here on the surface was built, in desgin, the same as the one back in the Undeground, but after seeing this world, Asgore had it built with more classic human styles. Marble columns and pieces of art hung around in every room, creating a very, as he said, ​Classic Feel​. Zachariah had walked these halls for as log as he had been able to remember, every turn and every door was ingrained in his mind, but tonight, he walked a path he barely went, it took him up the tile stairs and past the old kings room. He stoped and looked inot the room, the kings, no his robe lied on the bed, just where he left it an hour before. He walked past the room to a wooden door at the end of the hall, it was the door to the attic. Not many people, not even the maids or Legion, were allowed up there, it housed artifacts and items rom the old New Home underground. Tonight, as Zachariah opened the door, he was there to see one of those items, as his bare feet stepped up the stairs. He rememebred the first time he came here, it was when he was 15, after Toriel and Asgore told him to leave the Guard meeting, he went up here often in times like that. This was the place he went to get away from them, when he couldn't take it, after he was cast out of the meeting, he went up here and found it. A locket, old and dull sitting in an old box, he held it and felt, comfort, he felt safe he felt...

good...He felt the locket's energy pull him into the attic more, to a rag covered mirror. Then, just as he did now, he pulled the rags off and saw the figure that stood inplace of his reflection. It had a smile that made him shiver, but he felt oddly, at ease with it, he felt the figure reach out to him. As he touched his hand to the mirror, he felt words pop into his head and his mind go lax.

In the is still you....for now.

Now, as he pulled the rags of and looked into the mirror, he felt the smile creep up over his face as he looked at himself, he held the locket up and placed it over his hair. As he looked up, his eyes filled with a hate that felt normal, and that smile...more words popped into his head.

​In the is always me....I never left...

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