Wait...WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO START THIS? What...ugh fine

Well, for all you fuckers out ther my names X, the creature of plauge and disease. I am 22 years old, and my little witch of a sister is Red. *slaping soud* HEY THAT FUCKING HURT...well what else...oh I am a orphan, with my sister of course. I also, being just a virus that inhabits my corpse, I feel not much pain, *Another slapping sound* I SWEAR TO GOD RED I WILL KILL YOU....anyways, I HATE being called a edge lord, ​(Background: edge lord) ​ I also hate Samuel, I wear a black hoodie and jeans, and I never leave without my chain, a knife, and my switch blade. I wear a plague doctors mask and a pair of brass goggles on my face, cause...well, I am a corpse so my face is less than pretty. My blood is a strong acid and carries many diseases, and parasites. I can turn my body into a puddle of blood and a gasseus form for a bit. Uhhh, i can't heal, cause I'm a corpse, and i learned to sew quite fast. Also, I have a gauntlet on my right hand, it was made by Daniel, the tech guy back in my AU, it basicaly allows me to touch things that are usealy untouchable, like lava and acid.

Well, my backstory huh? Samuel meet me in our home AU, UnderWar. After,well, the accident, Samuel came out of hidng with the Royal Guard and, fought me. Is Red out of the room? Ok, well, in short Sigh​ I killed Red....I killed her with my own hands and watched her melt away into a puddle....Samuel killed me...erradicated me like I was nothing.....but he retcond the reaity...I didn't kill her but...he had me remember killing a punishment. He isn't...a guy to be messed with...well, Red doesn't remember please, and I don't say that often....please don't tell her that happened, please....You can let her in now....I hate you Samuel but...You care for Red...Ahem, as i was saying, I hate classical music.

What? Favorite color? No...I SAID FUCK YOU NO...ugh favorite color is pus yellow and.... YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP BACK THERE. Jesus, well I am a fiend of steak and meat in general..CALL ME GAY ONE MORE TIME SAMUEL AND I WILL MAKE YOU EAT YOUR OWN FUCKING SPINE....well I also enjoy sitting in the dark and playing with my snake​ (Samuel close to the mic: Gay​) THATS FUCKING IT YOU KNOW I MENT GUS ​the sound of laughing and curses followed by the mic falling down is heard. One's voice is heard at the end

​May I speak next?


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