Gaster coughed as he laid broken against the building wall, the street was in ruins from the fight. Betty looked at him, the hate dripping from her eyes, she took a step closer and a ball of fire struck her, she barley flinched as the fire wraped around her. She looked over down the street, Asgore, Toriel and Frisk stood a bit of a way down, they all had the same look, they were ready to fight. Betty laughed turned and laughed at them, "Akumu, looks like we have some more tasty souls to devour." That wretched pick demon floated down from her shoulder and opened it maw, it's razor sharp teeth dripping with hate, and clamped down, Betty threw her hand in the air and spears, hundreds of them, appeared. "A present from your friend." Akumu opend his maw again, showing a SOUL, Undyne's soul. Betty threw her hand forward and the spears flew off at the group, Frisk jumped infront and made a shield around their friends. The spears struck it, cracking the red shield and piercing thru it, Asgore tried to slash the spears that made it thru out of the air, but one struck Frisk. They fell back as Betty laughed. "Determination? HA, you are weak," More spears formed, "Give in to the fear and di-" a cigaretted hit her in the back of the head. She turned and leered at the human that stood there. He scratched his head and yawned, "Hey, bud, yeah you are kinda being a dick. Yeah, uhh, just wanted to say stop, before things get rather," he looked at her, a certain sharpness in his stare, "unpleasent." Betty laughedat him, "Unpleasent? What makes you think that, this is FUN! Who are you anyways?" The human scratched the stubble on his chin and looked up, "Well, I'm Samuel Tr-" A barage of spears struck at his spot, sending a cloud of smoke up, Betty smiled, but a voice spoke over her shoulder, "It's rude to interrupt someone when they are talking." Betty grabbed Akumu, turning him into a sythe, and spun around, slashing at him, but Samuel grabbed the blade and held it back. "Bud, I gave you a chance," A four legged creature ran up from behind Samuel and rammed into Betty, knocking her back, the creature returned to his side, he pulled out another cigarette and lit it with a match, "and you should have taken it." He blew smoke, it enveloped his face and he spoke again, "As I was saying, I'm Samuel," the smoke disperersed and he had changed, he wasn't a human now, he was a skeleton now, "Samuel the Skeleton, and you, kid, just fucked up."Betty smiled as she got to her feet again, "You are gonna be a tasty snak for Akumu." The sycthe in her hands twitched with excitement, Samuel looked at her and looked down, shaking his head."Listen kid, you are a freak, but I'm a nice guy and such, so I'll give you one more chance." He looked up, hie eyes flared grey, but slowly flickered into a static like color, "Walk away, or get ready for the time of your life."Betty's smile widend, more of the black ooze dripped down her chin, "Time of my life, huh?" She dashed forward fast, appearing infront of Samuel, her voice distorted like a demon, " THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!" She slashed her sycthe at him, Samuel put his arm up and the blade struck into his arm, he grunted as blood dripped down his arm."Always the hard way." The creature byt Samuel's side opened it's muzzel, fireing beam of black into Betty's chest, throwing her back skidding. She looked up her teeth looking more like fangs, she dashed back forward in a flurry of swipes and slashes. Samuel summoned two black knives and attempted to block the incoming attacks, Betty was very fast tho, and Samuel couldn't keep up, his hoodie ripped up as Betty kept her assault up. Barbed wire rose up from the ground and grabbed Betty's feet, dragging her down and the creature lept ontop of her, opening his jaw and prepared to fire as ths scythe changed into a spear and pierced the creature's throat. It flickered and turned to dust, Samuel huffed and panted as he tossed the kinives up, they floated and spun around him, more and more forming till they stopped and turned their points to Betty. He snapped his fingers and the flurry of knives flew forward, Betty jumped up and twirled the spear, deflecting the knives that streaked towards her. As the last knife bounced off of Akumu, another creature formed from the fluttering dust and tackled her. This creature had the form of a wolf, and viciously bit into her neck. Betty screamed and Akumu turned back to normal and bashed into the creature, it skidded away and scrambeld to it's feet. Betty slowly got to her feet as Akumu turned  back into a scythe and helped her to stand, Frisk ran up to Samuel."Hey, are you ok, do you need help?" They asked him. Samuel looked down at them, breathless from exerting all the effort to fight."Bud, you need I got this, I told ya, I'd handle the problem." Samuel turned to see Betty rush in again, his eyes widened as he cursed, jumping infront of Frisk, but Betty had a plan. Akumu turned into a spear and stabbed thru Samuel's body....stabbing Frisk. They staggered back, bleeding as Asgore and Toriel rushed to their side, Samuel slowly turned and sagged his head.Betty cackeld, "Are you giving in yet? To the fear? Akumu is very hu-""Hey bud," Static rose over his head, "Why don't you shut the fuck up?" He flicked the cigarette away, as it bounced on the ground, the area became heavy, "You know, I wasn't even tryin' a sec ago, I though, 'Hey, let's give the kid a chance, maybe they'll give and leave." He turned, static spilling out of his eyes, "Guess that was my cue to give a shit."Betty laughed, "And what are you gonna d-" Pikes sprung up thru her legs and shins, she screamed as barbed wire rose up around Samuel."Hey kid," His voice dropped, layered with ice, "Didn't I say shut up?" The wire sped towards her, Akumu cut the pikes and Betty jumped back as the wire struck into the ground. She cursed and hundreds of spears formed in the air, a pink gaster blaster formed behind Samuel as the spears sped towards him. He raised his hand into the air and two inky black portals formed in front and behind him, the spears entered and the blaster beam entered it too. Betty couldn't react as the blast emerged from below her, blasting her into the air as the spears emerged and struck her, sending her back down. Filled with spears, and barely breathing, Akumu hissed at Samuel as he walked closer, he looked down at it, and barbed wire criss-crossed thru it, ripping it apart piece by piece as it screamed. Samuel looked down at Betty, and sighed."This could have gone the other way, bud, but you had to be difficult." He laughed, "You know I am a hypocrit, I told you not to interrupt me and I interrupted you, but since you seemed pinned down with other matters I'll finish it for you." He squated down and spoke softly, "You giving in to the fear yet? To that little tingle that has taken over your whole head? Well, now it is kinda all over now, but thats your fault." He stood up and turned, "Now you are gonna die, slowly, very slowly. You are gonna suffer." Samuel continued to speak as Betty stood up, a small piece of Akumu forming a small shard in her hand. She lurched forward and Samuel dropped thru a portal, appearing beside her.He sighed again, "Why are you so difficult?" Betty turned and her smile twitched as she saw the beast Samuel stood on. It was massive, static rose up like steam from it's nostrils and it's eyes were locked onto Betty, "Well, I guess it was a fun bash, but," he snapped his fingers and the dragon opend up it's maw and a grey beam formed in the back of it's mouth, "I think it's time to say goodbye." The beam shot out, enveloping Betty and the few buildings behind her. Betty screamed in agonizing pain as her skin and muscels ripped off and she began to be broken apart. Piece by Piece, till she was nothing more than a mark in history. Samuel dissmised the dragon and walked towards Frisk. Asgore and Toriel were by their side, he lit up another cigarette and took a drag of it.Toriel looked up to him, "Thank you, mister, thank you so much."Asgore agreed, "Yes, I don't know how to thank you."Samuel shook his head, "Nah you won't have to," He turned, "Cause you won't even remember me." He pulled his hood up, and the universe righted it's self. Betty never gained control of Hate, Undyne never died, and Samuel never existed. He stood off in the distance and watched Undyne fight Betty, and he nodded as he walked thru a portal, ​Another anomoly, another fix....another time I am forgoten.  

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