A child, lying on a bed of wilted golden flowers, buries their face in their hands,

​Cold....Dark...Why​ they ask the silent darkness. So quiet, they shudder from lack of stimulus.

Alone....​ they knew this world was supposed to be....welcoming. All they saw was darkness, they had been here long now? Minutes? Hours? Days? Waiting for their porpose to come to light, but none came. They sat in the dark, cold and scared.

​Why....I was.....forgotten ​They decided to stand, curious of what was liying ahead, the flowers crackeld as they walked thru the dark, feeling their hand across the wall till they felt a moist, fuzzy patch. They pulled their hand back and shuffled forward, curiosity making their feet move. For the first time, they felt the weakness in their body, heavy, and weak. Their hand reconnected to the wall for support, running across it and finding a pillar, cracks ran across it as they found a opening, they walked thru it, and they felt something for the first time: Light, they stepped thru the dark and into a flickering light, they got to see their own self for the first time. Her body was pale, thin from sitting in the dark for so long, she had a feeling that she was doing something that was ment for another. Infront of her, a row of....shapes, no...letters flickered softly, enough light to see, but thats all.

Three steps...​ that was what sperated her from those....letters.

Three...​ She felt curiosity, a need to use these forgotten letters

​Two.... '​She felt...lost, as if she was forgotten....she began to think she was..another stepm that is all that was needed. To see what this world was like, to see this world.

"One" She touched the forgotten letters and walked into this forgotten world.

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