So, I need some help for some of my AU's, like this one! I'll need help with the music and sprites! So, if you want to help, just post a comment saying that you would like to help!

So, TemnxeizTale is an Undertale AU that I made! In TemnxeizTale, you can ask to be anyone from Undertale! And anyone can be in! If you want to be someone, just comment who you want to be, and I'll reply! But the characters already are(I will show thier Undertale names and then thier TemnxeizTale names then some info about them! Oh, and who they ACTUALLY are in real life!) W.D Gaster: T.S Gaster(Is white, nice, and has cat-like features, like having paw hands!) Real Life: Tyler Slama, Papyrus: Awepayrus?(I have'nt thought of what Papyrus would be called yet :P. He has a blue scarf, and likes music!) Real Life: Awe4's Channel of Music and Extensions, Undyne: (Still Undyne) (Uses Katanas instead of spears, and has orange hair.) Real Life: Trentyn The human Real Tale, Monster Kid: (Still Montser Kid) (Has pink hair, is a girl now, and has a mud blotch in the shape of a cat paw on the side of her face.) Real Life: Sam Berrey(In YouTube she's called "virindi aj".), Chara: Sunra(Is a pink slime  "from Slime Rancher"in the shape of Chara.) Real Life: Sundzy, Asgore: Kason(Pretty much just Asgore, I will edit this once i have thought more about him :P.) Real Life: Kason, Flowey: NightLite (Has a face like a Minecraft slime.) Real Life: Night Light :3, Asriel: Azriel(I still have not thought much about him xd.) Real Life: Me!, Mettaton and Mettaton EX: Kyttaton, Kyttaton KQ(Pretty much Mettaton but a little bit ruder and sassyier. And his face would say a "K" in green instead of red and white instead of yellow. Also his mouth would be smiling. And his body would be a lighter grey than his normal grey.) Real Life: Kyle Qualls(In YouTube he's "KBQ playz!" but NEVER subscribe to him! He's a jerk! "Why is he in this AU then?", Well, that's because it was before he acted extremely rude.(He yells at his parents! He even does it on his livestreams! And he NEVER listens! And he's VERY disrespectful!).

So heres two picures of the sprites so far. The first one is T.S Gaster and the second one is Kyttaton.
Imported piskel

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