• TemnxeizYT


    April 7, 2017 by TemnxeizYT

    So, I need some help for some of my AU's, like this one! I'll need help with the music and sprites! So, if you want to help, just post a comment saying that you would like to help!

    So, TemnxeizTale is an Undertale AU that I made! In TemnxeizTale, you can ask to be anyone from Undertale! And anyone can be in! If you want to be someone, just comment who you want to be, and I'll reply! But the characters already are(I will show thier Undertale names and then thier TemnxeizTale names then some info about them! Oh, and who they ACTUALLY are in real life!) W.D Gaster: T.S Gaster(Is white, nice, and has cat-like features, like having paw hands!) Real Life: Tyler Slama, Papyrus: Awepayrus?(I have'nt thought of what Papyrus would be called yet :P. H…

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