FusionTale: An Undertale Fan-fic

The shadowy figure's head turned to face the human. "Why are you doing this?" The human asked. One of the figure's eyes glowed a brilliant red. "Why would I be stupid enough to tell someone my plans?" It replied. "Now, I'm gonna have a good time." Two orange eyes pulsed above the figure, a blinding flash occured, showing the figure in full view. The figure grinned, a gold tooth shining brightly. 

"I'll have twenty portions of fries and 5 litres of ketchup, thanks." Sans said. The Grillby's bartender nodded, and walked off to tell the cook. "Hey Paps, you want anything?" He asked his brother. "No thank you, Sans. I brought my delicious spaghetti, nyeh heh heh!" Papyrus chuckled, while taking out a plate of spaghetti from a plastic bag. "Papyrus, I need to check something." Sans told him as he walked outside. He stopped dead in his tracks. A bone missed his skull by an inch. A skeleton, very similar to Sans stepped forward. He had a black coat, with a fluffy collar, black shorts with a gold streak on it, red and white trainers and a golden tooth. "A me from another universe..." Sans began. Other Sans created a wall of bones to shield himself from San's quick fire onslaught of blue bones. "Heheh...I'm gonna have a good time." Other Sans said, as he summoned a Gaster Blaster. Sans did the same. "I think you'll find, the correct term is: You ready for a BAD TIME?" San's fired off three Gaster Blaster beams, Other Sans dodged. "So, what universe are you from then?" Sans asked. Other Sans then broke the fourth wall. "Underfell." He replied. "Interesting, by the way, you are strong. You have a ton of power. A... SKELE-TON OF POWER!" Sans laughed so hard his ribs almost cracked. "Ha. Ha. Very funny" Underfell Sans said. In a flash, Underfell Sans had his skeletal hand on San's chest. "Now, I'll be taking this." He then took San's very soul out of him. He fused San's soul with his own and gained a massive surge of power. Also, his right eye glowed red, the left glowed blue. His coat changed to a black hoodie, and he lost his gold tooth. "Now, Underground. Feel the wrath...of DARK SAAAANNNSSSS!!!!!!" A purple aura enveloped him while Papyrus rushed out. "Hey, your not Sans! What did you do with him, you fiend?" Papyrus yelled. "I fused his soul with my own, hahahahaHAAA!!!" Dark Sans laughed. "S...S..SANS?!" Papyrus whimpered, when he saw San's skull resting in the snow. Papyrus' right eye glowed orange, and 7 of his own Gaster Blasters appeared, as well as hundreds of blue, orange and normal bones. "You killed Sans. Now, YOU WILL BE OBLITERATED!!!" He screeched, as Dark Sans was blocked from view by a barrage of Gaster blasts and flying bones. The onslaught ended, and the smoke cleared. Dark Sans was standing there, brushing dust off his sleeves. "Nice try, but..." Papyrus' soulless skeletal frame dropped to the floor. "You will meet the same fate as your brother." The surge of raw energy from the fusion of Underfell San's, normal San's and Papyrus' souls was enough to cause an earthquake. The triple fused being's voice could be heard in all of the underground. "PREPARE YOURSELF MONSTERS, THE REIN OF DARK SAPYRUS (Sa-pie-rus) BEGINS NOW!!!!!"

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