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  • I live in Snowdin Town
  • My occupation is Skeleton Sentry
  • I am Male
  • SuperVegeta89

    FusionTale: An Undertale Fan-fic

    The shadowy figure's head turned to face the human. "Why are you doing this?" The human asked. One of the figure's eyes glowed a brilliant red. "Why would I be stupid enough to tell someone my plans?" It replied. "Now, I'm gonna have a good time." Two orange eyes pulsed above the figure, a blinding flash occured, showing the figure in full view. The figure grinned, a gold tooth shining brightly. 

    "I'll have twenty portions of fries and 5 litres of ketchup, thanks." Sans said. The Grillby's bartender nodded, and walked off to tell the cook. "Hey Paps, you want anything?" He asked his brother. "No thank you, Sans. I brought my delicious spaghetti, nyeh heh heh!" Papyrus chuckled, while taking out a plate of spa…

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