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    March 2, 2017 by Subeatlesutfan25

    Chapter 1: Long Ago

    Many years ago, humans and monsters lived together on the surface. But then one day the humans fearful of the monster's true power of absorbing a human's soul they decided to fight back. So a war began and both sides fought hard and lost many members of their kind. But soon the humans won, having trapped the scared monster's underground, they used their magic to seal them in forever.

    Some say if you climb a mount far away no one is said to return from the mount and thus no one dares to travel there.

    W.D. Gaster's POV

    "Gaster?! Gaster?!" Asgore called

    "Coming my king" dashing towards the capital's throne room I called out. "sorry for being so late." I said out of breath.

    "That is fine my old friend, listen since i have you her…

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