• StanzStolenTaleSans

    I was thinking of making ApathyTale, where after multiple resets, Sans falls into apathy. Then I wanted to link it to StolenTale, my other AU.

    The beginning is the same, Chara wants revenge on humans for killing Asreil. When Frisk comes, they possess them and kill to grow stronger, but realise at the end of the route that their LOVE made them forget the main purpose of their genocide, so they reset, and the cycle repeats.

    Here is where is splits off

    1. ApathyTale

    After 500 +- resets, Sans gives up trying to stop Chara and falls into depression. Exlote used to exist, but faded away when Sans gave up.

    2. StolenTale

    ~Currently animating~

    The core rule behind these two AU's are that "RESETS are never the same."

    So whaddya guys think?

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