This is a Horror Fanfiction about    , which I was dared to make by CinderSky98 in a chat game of Truth or Dare. I'm not putting any intense effort into this.

Begin Scene 1

Frisk trudged through the paths of Waterfall. Their shirt was caked in mud and their shoes made squelching noises with every step. Not long ago, the armor-clad figure that was chasing them relentlessly had nearly caught them. If they were just a little to the side, it would have all been over. They were lucky that that monster kid had taken their place. The knight seemed to have a paternal instinct towards that child, which was understandable if they were both monsters. Being stuck down here together for such a long time must give birth to a strong pack instinct. This is further proven by their group sharing of a single goal:

Hunting Frisk down.

Frisk's situation is dire, but she still hasn't harmed a single monster. What kicks the feeling of "dire" up a notch: Papyrus has just called. No matter how thick that lovable idiot is, Frisk can't help but care for him. He has told the knight chasing Frisk what they were wearing, further heightening their chances of being spotted, being caught, and... well, who knows what comes after that.

Frisk sighs and stretches their arms outwards. The chase has exaughsted them quite thoroughly, which will be a hazard if any other danger were to reveal itself. Frisk feels lucky as they come to a long, empty room. They push back the feeling of suspicion at an empty room in this maze of traps and puzzles in their desperate attempt to see the light of a dark situation.

This was their first mistake.


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