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  • I live in the USA
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Arcade Attendant
  • I am the riverman. Or am I the riverwoman...? It doesn't really matter. I love to ride in my boat. Would you care to join me?
  • SomeRandomWriter

    Face reveal

    September 29, 2017 by SomeRandomWriter

    Attention! face reveal is now down to 15. 

    and my last one was really weird but yes this is legit



    Oh shiz that wasn't really expected.

    Oh well.

    I'm never on anymore so HERE'S MY INSTAGRAM GO CRAZY YOU NERDS :3


    it's got my face on it. I'm female. I'm 15. Class of 2020. Peace.

    Also, I get that I look like a middle-schooler a lot but those days are long gone. I am just incapable of facial aging. XD

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  • SomeRandomWriter

    Thoughts on people

    September 28, 2017 by SomeRandomWriter

    Hello. This is not in any way stolen from Midnight. constant WIP.


    A boss. One of the coolest. Respect, dearest broseph.




    Hilarious comedic timing and very just. More respect.

    Midnight from DITLOR:

    Just the sweetest human. Deserving of every comfort and commodity.


    I don't really know them very well. Seems ok.


    If I wasn't my own senpaii, they would be it. Really means well, but doesn't take crap. I respect that.

    (anyone of any gender can have a male senpaii. this means nothing.)

    Faxs The Skeleton: 

    Really nice. I enjoyed making Faxswap with them. It was truly an adventure~. They have stood up for me on occasion, which I certainly appreciate.

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  • SomeRandomWriter

    This is a Horror Fanfiction about    , which I was dared to make by CinderSky98 in a chat game of Truth or Dare. I'm not putting any intense effort into this.

    Frisk trudged through the paths of Waterfall. Their shirt was caked in mud and their shoes made squelching noises with every step. Not long ago, the armor-clad figure that was chasing them relentlessly had nearly caught them. If they were just a little to the side, it would have all been over. They were lucky that that monster kid had taken their place. The knight seemed to have a paternal instinct towards that child, which was understandable if they were both monsters. Being stuck down here together for such a long time must give birth to a strong pack instinct. This is further proveā€¦

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  • SomeRandomWriter

    I guess there's lots of drama going on behind closed doors where I can't see. I just thought I should put out there that the main reason for us to be here is so that others can read up on and learn about Undertale AUs. Amidst all this, let's not let the wiki fall behind. I'm very passionate about sharing information with the world, and I'm assuming that if you are here you must, to some extent, be as well.  I'm not saying to drop either thing altogether, just to keep a balance. :)



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  • SomeRandomWriter

    I know I haven't disclosed anything about my appearance, age, or gender. I'm really curious what everyone else thinks I am/look like. If you'd like to take a guess, comment below. I'd love to hear your input! I won't confirm or deny anything yet just because I like being just "SomeRandomWriter" but I think it would be interesting to hear how others perceive me.

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