Chapter 1: The Big Trio

"In this wiki, it's HUG or BE HUGGED!" Lucariotheskeleton said as he hugged then helped Sakura's Little Sister who was editing 17 articles in their homeworld. 

"Yep, it's true but...THIS SHOULD BE A GROUP HUG!" Saku-Chan said as she took DerpyBlueberrySans they know as Derpy who was listening 'The Star Sanses Theme Song', Lucario put the speakers on high voulume 

"Why don't we sing along with them! with our own version of the song!" Lucario said with a wink Derpy and Saku-Chan nodded as they prepared to sing. 

The Big Trio Theme Song (The Star Sanses Parody) 

Saku-Chan 1st Verse: 

If your evil user and your on the rise, you can count on the three of us taking you down!

Lucario 2nd Verse: 

Cause we're good and evil won’t crush our dreams! 

Derpy 3rd Verse: 

we’ll win the fight and then have a hug party!

Chorus (All): 

We are the Big Trio, we'll always save the day!

Derpy 4th Verse: 

and if you think we can't we’re gonna find a way!

Chorus (All): 

That's why every universe believes in Sakura, Luca-! 

Saku-Chan suddenly coughs. 

"Sorry guys ~ ! I suddenly don't feel well ~ ! Maybe a little rest would help me ~" Saku-Chan said as she drew a couch by using a mini paintbrush. 

"It's alright Saku! Were here to give you LOVE, CARE, and..... HUGS!" Derpy said as she stacked above Saku-Chan then was followed by Luca, the stack and hug lasted long until they finally they decided to sit properly on the couch.

"Geez... I wish I was an admin already ~ !" Saku-Chan said as she drew a box of tissue. 

"Why Saku?" Derpy said as she looked at her. 

"Because I heard that only Admins and Bureaucrats can see and talk with the the Star Sanses that's why ~ !" Saku-Chan said as she sneezed. 

"Well... We are only one step away from being Admins! All we have to do is to edit more or maybe add more pages, articles, and other such!" Lucario told Saku-Chan. 

"Luca is right Saku! You guys can achieve it! You guys are already a CM well... In Saku's case she's almost going to make it!" Derpy said as she stood-up and gave Saku-Chan a hug. 

"HEY! YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" Luca said as he joined the hug. The hug didn't lasted that long because of Saku-Chan suddenly making a hole using her paintbrush, teleporting away from them. 

"WHO THE CORE DID THIS ~ ?!" Saku-Chan said as she looked at them with a questioning look. 

"None of us did! Why?" Lucario said as she walked towards Saku-Chan with Derpy. 

"Who did this?!" Derpy said as the trio looked at the 17 articles before them. 

The other articles have colorful ink on them, some of the articles lost their deleted page countdown, and some have been vandalized so much. 

"Were so dead to LunaD and to the Admins when they so this..." Saku-Chan said as she suddenly started running around panicking and screaming at the top of her lungs. 

"Saku! Wait just calm down!" Lucario said as he runned to catch her. 

While Lucario and Saku-Chan are running around chasing each other, Derpy just stare at the pages and articles of Error!Sans that was painted with glasses, Fresh!Sans was vandalized with not sure infos, Nightmare!Sans page that has many positive marks around. 


"Calm down Saku! AND STAY STILL! THEY'RE NOT GONNA KI-!" Lucario tried to say but was cutted by Saku-Chan's another scream. 


"Oh... Yeah... You got a point there..." Lucario said as he dropped Saku-Chan on the floor. 

"Maybe that's not that b-!" Derpy almost said as she looked at them but was cutted by the opening of the door of their Headquarters. 

*~*~ Max041 has entered TBTH ~*~* 

"Saku and Lucario, LunaD and the Admins are finding you...." Max told Saku-Chan and Lucario as he entered. 

"Oh... My... Gaster... Blasters... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M REALLY DEAD ~ !!!" Saku-Chan screamed as she panicked again. 

"Just calm down Saku! Just calm down! I will be watching while you guys are being TALKED OUT" Derpy said as she watched Saku-Chan being dragged by both Max and Lucario out of TBTH. 

My notes: 

Okay... For the first time I actually did it... 

This story was for Lucariotheskeleton , DerpyBlueberrySans , and my group: THE BIG TRIO ~ !!! 

For everybody im going to mention in the next chappy (A Bureaucrat and two Admins) please do not be angry at me if I did your personalities wrong and such. 

SO YEAH ~ !!! <3 <3 <3

  • Hugs everybody and leaves*

Bye-Byu ~ !!! (This is NOT MINE)

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