Sakura's little sister

aka TheGirlBehindHerSmiles (Saku-chan)

  • I live in Somewhere where REALITY hurts
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is A Writer, Gamer, Otaku, & Artist
  • I am Straight Female but Asexual
  • Sakura's little sister

    Im not going to be active again in the Wiki because I have my things and life on the line before me....

    all of us are busy with our lives and problems...

    so I need to face them without the wiki....

    but ill make sure if i can schedule myself to be on this wiki ever weekends...

    but for now...

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  • Sakura's little sister

    The title says it all,

    Im sure some of you guys are asking 'why are you leaving for awhile?',

    Well in chat they keep shipping me, I thought it was fun so I ride along but then slowly and slowly my anger boils up and so my MADNESS too,

    Im a sensitive type of person, and when I say stop or drop the topic... DROP OR STOP IT...

    Im going to be at the OTHER WIKI,

    If you wish to talk to me yeah sure go and find that.....

    Just leave Messages on my MW here,

    Nobody knows how many days ill leave,

    But here is what im going to say.....

    G O O D B Y E ~ ! ! !

    P.S ((I'll ask permission to you long name guy and Miss. LunaD if I can leave for few days (really few))

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  • Sakura's little sister

    "In this wiki, it's HUG or BE HUGGED!" Lucariotheskeleton said as he hugged then helped Sakura's Little Sister who was editing 17 articles in their homeworld. 

    "Yep, it's true but...THIS SHOULD BE A GROUP HUG!" Saku-Chan said as she took DerpyBlueberrySans they know as Derpy who was listening 'The Star Sanses Theme Song', Lucario put the speakers on high voulume 

    "Why don't we sing along with them! with our own version of the song!" Lucario said with a wink Derpy and Saku-Chan nodded as they prepared to sing. 

    The Big Trio Theme Song (The Star Sanses Parody) 

    Saku-Chan 1st Verse: 

    If your evil user and your on the rise, you can count on the three of us taking you down!

    Lucario 2nd Verse: 

    Cause we're good and evil won’t crush our dreams! 

    Derpy 3r…

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