This is the Plot for AU Tage

I will also answer any questions that you of the plot and of the Omnepotent Ending

The story starts off with everyone being put in lines labeled Fell,Tale and Swap then everyone is given a speech by the Judges, Next they are all put into groups of 3 or 4, then They they are led outside to where they are led to a Big Forest that covers and goes on for 10,000 miles. Then Error and Negative chooses the Sentres/Gurads, Meanwhile with the AUs, Time!Sans is explaining the time period of how long and how much time they have. After Time!Sans explains then Ink and Glitch explain the rules. After Wards King Multivers rings a bell and all the AUs run,walk or teleport into the forest. During this littel time Error404 and AlpahTale make they're way into the event as well,Alpha watching and making sure everyone is safe while 404 watchaes and stalkes everone. The first few days go off without a hich,but then some of the sanss start to dissaper and some are even being found dead!. The firs set of people that the judges blame are the ones with determenation or the ones who dont live in a neutal or pacifsit timeline.While thats happening BlueBerry Sans sees Infected attacking Echo!Sans,BlueBerry screams for help and then everyone gathers. This causes a fight with the AUs and Infected, then Error404 and AlphaTale see Infected and Start to Attack him as well,after the long fight Infected stands victourious,but then One AU stands up and Deciedes to contuine the fight for everyone.

{You'll have to wait for the ending}

Now let the Questioning begin.

Ask away.

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