The Last Stand Announcement

Me and wikiP have decided to start a series known as "The Last Stand". It will start as a blog post series, then animated. The Last Stand revolves around Swap getting revenge on Infected and the effects it has. We will start working on this very soon. Some OCs will be part in this, and they of course will not be canon to there source AU except for Wikips and my OCs.This series is going to slightly long and end in something very important.

Characters currently going to be used: Swap,Infected,S.T,S.K,MV!Frisk,Calibri Ten, Error, Destroyer,Showcard,Broken,Rache,and Blueberry.

CANON TO SOURCE (currently):

  • S.T,Swap,S.K,Calibri Ten,MV!Frisk,Infected, and Error 404


All others

NOTE: If you want in, talk to wikip

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