King Multiverse Sans. More information about him will be added on his page.

I will be selecting a Queen pretty soon and i will be holding a contest to see who can make the best one and whoever does will have their Queen that they made as cannon and known through all of the multiverse.


Must be female(if you want it to be a female skeleton then that's ok)

Characters you must use - Toriel,Undyne and Alphys (Female skeleton must be self-made)

Must have a unique Costume/Design

Must be well explained in their page. and if you want me to check it make sure to message me on my message wall with the link so i may heck it out.

Also a little tip for the people out their who think that what i post on my blog or on my AU pages is't cannon i will not try to change your mind. But just remember what it would feel like if someone took away your hard work. And also stop placing WIKITale on the AU Tag list, it will not be added until the Admin let me finish my work and stop mesing around with things they don't understand.

From Shadikal

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