Hello everyone my name is SHADIKAL15 and i've been noticing alotof you tend to find AlphaTale/UnderTale 2.0 not cannon to the Multiverse, but ya'know i think i fix that for most of you who would wish for the timeline of AlphaTale.UnderTale 2.0 to make sense and connect with the actually historey of the Multiverse. So here it is the Historey of AlphaTale/UnderTale 2.0 and The Multiverse.

Alpha!Sans's Journey

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Just Forget about me... Credit to the amazing maker of this Sprite.

Well lets start from the begining, the moment Alpha!Sans was murdered by Infcted he immedetley turned to dust and he wouldn't awaken until the creation of DusTTale, but when he did finally awaken he was only a ghost unseeable to people who didn't believe or no he exsisted. So from there he went to Ink's dimmension after hearing about him from UnderSwap Papyrus. And the moment he got there Ink noticed him, this is because ink believes in all Aus so it's only natural he would believe there was one that came before them all.And From there Alpha!Sans shared secrets with Ink!Sans and made him someone of intrest.

Error404's Journey


And You Thought Error was Bad?!? Credit to the amazing maker of this Sprite.

When Alpha!Sans died 404 immediteley took action and vaporized Infected after hacking into the Multiverse, which is why he's so strong after he killed him Error404 then was glitched or vaproized out of exsistense. It would be until the creation of FlowerFell until he was ressurected again.But when he was Error!Sans was the first to see and learn his ways, Error404 taught Error!Sans and Told him secrets that if told to anyone else he would Vaporize that part of the Multiveres to keep it a secret. But Error404's real goal is to bring his brother back, and then finally go home together.

Infected's Journey


Soon you'll see... Credit to the amazing maker of this Sprite.

Infected was killed by 404 after he killed his brother, but it would take a certain amount of evil and pure Chaos to bring him back.But when X-Tale and Killer!Sans were created, that gave him just the boost he needed to come back, when he came back his mnd was more broken then ever, this was because 404 used his black cables on him which destroyed whatever sanity Infected had and caused him to looses his mind. So after collecting himself litteraly, he went off to find a weapon, he went to Horrotale and stole one of Horrotale Sans's axes, he then went to DusTTale to find some Lv to gain, but unfortuantley for him Dust!Sans had already finished off his world, so when Infected did arrive Dust!Sans immedtley attacked him, only for Infected to Punch him in the face and cauase him to looses so much Hp that he almost started to turn into dust. Dust!Sans then took a knee and told Infected that he would do whatever he said so that he could live, Infected not one to usally take in appreantances, decided that he would like someone to walk over so he agreeded. Then they did the same to Killer!Sans, and once Infected had a team of henchmen, he then set his sights on killing and destroying all of the Aus in the multivers.

Some Facts about they'er stories

Have you noticed that Alpha,404 and Infected are super close to each other and yet they don't know about each other's exsistence, well this is because of the fact that when they met someone they told that person to never tell another soul about they're exsistence or they would threaten to either kill or wipe they're memoyre. Next up we have the fact that it took them a long time to ressurect themselves, well this is requared because they were made up of something that requares certain needs, but sometime they can revive themsleves on they're own. Finally, why are they taking appreantences? well they need someone to show them how the multiverse has changed and what's happening.

Please exscuse the misspelled words, the blog doesn't have autocorrects so yea. I also hope this helped with summing up they're stories. Leave a comment if you need some more explain or you just have something to say.

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