I was thinking about if there was an AU where Error!Sans deleted a universe(maybe some switch up AU)and only a glitch character remained,and it´s sole purprose in life was to be destroyed by Error and so it went on a quest through the multi-verse.First it encountered some out of code version of Toriel that watched over AU´s and then they go through the whole dont leave me child Toriel thing and then it leaves and later encounters Envy!Papyrus who is on the winning side (Ink,Dream,Create,Tekton,etc.) and tries to capture the glitch with traps and bring it to Ink.The glitch spares Envy!payrus,who gives them his phone number.He calls and says that they should get through the next part of the multi-verse and find a person named Swap,who he says will probably be with another skeleton who they should not trust.They continue on there journey and find S.K who acts similar to napstablook.Then they come across RedX who tries to kill them(similar to Undyne).They fight and the glitch runs away and they come across Swap(UnderSwap!S.T)who is with S.T.They take the glitch to Create!Sans who fights them but spares them later.Create takes the glitch to Ink who judges them on there actions.He lets them go to Error and the glitch realizes that it has friends and doesnt want to be killed and fights Error.They leave after the fight to go back to Out code Toriel but on the way there finds out that S.T has Swap´s memories and gives them to Swap thinking its the right thing to do,therefor creating True!Swap who finds CreateFell!Sans and then stuff hapens and from there that would be a cool game 

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