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    OUTtale(not outertale)

    December 13, 2016 by S.T's AU

    I was thinking about if there was an AU where Error!Sans deleted a universe(maybe some switch up AU)and only a glitch character remained,and it´s sole purprose in life was to be destroyed by Error and so it went on a quest through the multi-verse.First it encountered some out of code version of Toriel that watched over AU´s and then they go through the whole dont leave me child Toriel thing and then it leaves and later encounters Envy!Papyrus who is on the winning side (Ink,Dream,Create,Tekton,etc.) and tries to capture the glitch with traps and bring it to Ink.The glitch spares Envy!payrus,who gives them his phone number.He calls and says that they should get through the next part of the multi-verse and find a person named Swap,who he say…

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    A few things...

    December 4, 2016 by S.T's AU

    1st thing is this:can someone change the leader of this wikia?or find a way to like tell people to change this

    reasons:u could get a chat!we could remove all those pointless pages!


    there is to many

    3rd thing:my recommended candidate for the leader of this wiki is Nin10doGmod cause he has edited 2000 times.

    Final Thing:stop shipping paperjam

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    This election(why?idrk)

    November 13, 2016 by S.T's AU


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