This may trigger some people, but please read this before creating some hate comment.

Here's the video to add up the note I'm gonna copy and paste. Credit to the creator for it. Note: This video focuses on MOOD depression, not clinical depression. Furthermore, this is not a purported “cure” for depression. This is a call to live in reality, to separate the ailment from the person who colloquially uses the phrase "I'm depressed", which we may have said to ourselves at a low period in our lives. Depression is not YOU, depression does not own you, you own it. It is something that you are the witness of. The witness of Depression is not Depressed. Experiencing depression doesn't mean you identify yourself with depression. If you have an open mind, I urge you to sit with this. Who is the witness of thoughts? Stay in this place. Many of us have come to protect and defend our prisons but this has never served us. Nutrition change, exercise, natural medicine, in some cases pharmaceutical and psychotropic medication, SPECT scan to diagnose brain health (you are not stuck with the brain you have, you can improve its health). All of these tactics should be explored to treat depression symptoms. I say this with great love but believe it or not, we can hate our depression so much that it can become a part of our life story, our identity, and we may begin to unconsciously protect it. We can fall into the trap of learned helplessness (I have personal experience with this).The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and General Semantics have illustrated how our words can become our prisons. But, never forget that YOU are the pure witness, you are the sky. Do not identify with what comes and goes. For more info on depression please go here--> FYI: As a general rule, people shouldn't blindly trust any source, or authority even if they speak with confidence, have obtained a high-level degree, a peer reviewed journal entry, a well made youtube video, or can cite a source. Our individual responsibility should be to maintain a healthy skepticism about everyone and everything. Only until we personally have looked carefully at the data ourselves and find that the data is repeatable should we formulate our opinions. Anything else would be intellectual laziness. Love and peace guys.

Ray's Note

I just want y'all to believe in yourselves because, after that drama you go through, most people start to say they are depressed, YOU'RE JUST BEING LET DOWN BY THE DRAMA THAT HAPPENED, what I'm saying is, you're not believing yourself after something that ended. Go find something that'll make you happy, take a break if you're getting constant drama thrown at you, just find something that will make you happy! I wish I knew how I could help everyone but I can't do that... I'm almost tearing up because of this Depression stuff heh.. I'll end it off here.

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