So, in all 3 AUs, Undyne takes the role of Alphys but there are some notable differences between the 3.


  • Not much is known about how her personality is changed, if at all.
  • Wears either a lab coat or normal Undyne clothes.
  • Is a royal scientist.
  • Probably experimented at some point.
  • Likes anime.
  • Nerdy.
  • Made Napstabot, but not much is known about its purpose at the time.
  • Loves Alphys.

Inverted Fate

  • Is a mad scientist.
  • Wears a lab coat.
  • Probably experiments a lot.
  • Probably likes battle anime.
  • Made Mettaton as a battle robot.
  • Has a boss battle.
  • Has a connection to Papyrus, who is her goofy lab assistant.
  • Has a robotic eye that shoots lasers.
  • Probably still likes Alphys as the two have a known connection.


  • Calmer than IF!Undyne.
  • Does not wear a lab coat.
  • Is the head of the royal guard.
  • Likes anime.
  • Trains Papyrus.
  • Loves Alphys.

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