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  • PetStarPlanet

    Some variations of some Switch Up AUs. Btw the AU names were made up by me by combining names of existing AUs.

    Storyswap (Storyswap = Storyshift swapped) shifted

    • The Protagonist Role (Frisk): Mettacrit
    • The Empty One Role (Flowey): A more Undyne-like version of Temmie
    • The Caretaker Role (Toriel): Chara
    • The Recluse Role (Napstablook): Toriel
    • The Judge Role (Sans): Frisk
    • The Ambitious Role (Papyrus): Monster Kid
    • The Idoliser Role (Monster Kid): Napstablook
    • The Chaotic Villager Role (Temmie): Boogie
    • The Captain of the Guard Role (Undyne): Sans
    • The Royal Scientist Role (Alphys): Papyrus
    • The Celebrity Role (Mettaton): Asgore
    • The Monarch Role (Asgore): Asriel
    • The Soulless Angel Role (Asriel): Undyne
    • The Fallen Role (Chara): Alphys

    • Mettaton -> Frisk -> Sans -> Un…

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  • PetStarPlanet


    June 18, 2017 by PetStarPlanet

    I'm not making this into a page because it doesn't have proper content, just some basic ideas.

    KoopaTale is an AU where Koopas and Goombas or humans or Toads (idk) had a war and the Koopas got banished underground.

    All the monsters from Undertale are Koopas.

    Koops is Sans.

    Kooper is Papyrus.

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  • PetStarPlanet

    Here is a list of all the Switch Up AU types.

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 2. In other words, all swaps are also vice versa. Examples:

    • Underswap
    • Altertale
    • Enemyswap
    • Shipswap
    • Undertwist
    • Underwoof
    • Others

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 3.

    • Tritale

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 4.

    • Quarterspin

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 5.

    • Shiftshift
    • SpinSpin

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 6.

    • Hexaswap

    AUs where characters are swapped in cycles of 10.

    • Storyshift
    • Storyspin

    These AUs have a kind of cycle logic to them but mix several different cycles.

    • History Recast (2-cycles and a 12-cycle)
    • Loveshift (a 10-cycle and a 2-cycle)
    • Storyswap (a 12-cycle and 2 cycles)
    • Does Alterswap contain a 3-cyle with Monster K…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    So, in all 3 AUs, Undyne takes the role of Alphys but there are some notable differences between the 3.

    • Not much is known about how her personality is changed, if at all.
    • Wears either a lab coat or normal Undyne clothes.
    • Is a royal scientist.
    • Probably experimented at some point.
    • Likes anime.
    • Nerdy.
    • Made Napstabot, but not much is known about its purpose at the time.
    • Loves Alphys.

    • Is a mad scientist.
    • Wears a lab coat.
    • Probably experiments a lot.
    • Probably likes battle anime.
    • Made Mettaton as a battle robot.
    • Has a boss battle.
    • Has a connection to Papyrus, who is her goofy lab assistant.
    • Has a robotic eye that shoots lasers.
    • Probably still likes Alphys as the two have a known connection.

    • Calmer than IF!Undyne.
    • Does not wear a lab coat.
    • Is the head of the royal guar…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    This would be the theme song.

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