What is YouTubeTale?

It's a new AU created by PatrickPunMaster (me) and in this AU all the boss/main character monsters, like Undyne and Asgore, are famous YouTubers. The non boss/bystander monsters are the YouTubers' subscribers.


Sans-Jacksepticeye Papyrus- Pewdiepie Muffet- LDShadowLady Undyne- IHasCupquake Toriel- Aphmau Flowey/Asriel- VanossGaming Grillby- KSI Temmie- Yuya Frisk- Daniel Anthony Padilla (Smosh) Chara - Ian Andrew Hecox (Smosh) Asgore- HolaSoyGerman Alphys- NerdyandQuirky (Sabrina Cruz) Mettaton- Markiplier Monster Kid- Vegetta777 Napstablook- Cryaotic Gaster- PopularMMOS


Their history is that when monsters and humans lived in peace, the thing called YouTube came out and the monsters decided to make YouTube videos. They were famous but the reason the monsters left and came to the underground was because they were TOO popular and were always getting crowded. All they needed was some personal space. After this happened the humans forgot who the monsters were and now there were new YouTubers that were famous in the overworld. When the monsters settled in they decided to send their YouTube channels and videos to the monsters in the underground. Before they went in and stayed they put a sign out for people who don't want there things could throw them down (mostly games were thrown down by the fans). Then, one day a human falls down and gets trapped in the underground and decides to wander around carelessly. And that's where the story starts. Most of the story is the same as Undertale but sometimes there will be parts where u get to watch a video of a monster's and decide if u liked it or not. Sometimes u get to make a video and become popular and when u make the video u have to make choices and decide how to play it out. Plus when u fight them they use their powers like Jacksepticeye uses Sam, Pewdiepie uses Brofist, Markiplier uses Warfstache, etc.

Photo Gallery

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