Playertale Sans

Personality Playertale Sans is a lazy skeleton who loves bad puns and loves drinking hot sauce. He is quite a great dude who loves chatting with his friends and loves taking strolls through the woods often. He is quite over protective of his brother, Playertale Papyrus. He has a kind nature when he meets someone new. But once he shakes hands with someone, he gets to read all their thoughts and will judge you depending on what he sees.

Appearance (Genocide and Pacifist) He wears a hat just like Jacksepticeye's and wears a blue shirt with a red X for design and has a hoodie that is mostly white but has red hood outlines and red pockets. He wears shorts that are gray with green stripes at each side. He wears orange shoes. His eye color is green but his bad time eye color is magma fire red.

Role He is the main character you meet first in the woods. He will appear constantly to see how your doing. When u shake his hand, a balloon will pop in his hand which he calls it the Balloon Jumpscare Trick. He is also often seen selling candy and snack foods to people. He usually is at home though training with a dummy, attacking it and making it come to life so he can challenge him self to become stronger so he can protect his brother. On the genocide route he is the final boss and fights a little differently than Classic Sans.

Battle Stats And Info BONE MANIPULATION He can manipulate and make bones his primary weapon. GASTER BLASTERS Can summon a large skull shaped as the Core machine and fire a beam out of it. TELEKINESIS Can grab opponent's soul with his mind and toss his opponent anywhere he pleases. TELEPORTATION Can appear and disappear anywhere in a blink. KARMIC RETRIBUTION Removes invincibility and has effect of adding more damage to opponent depending on how many bad deeds they've committed and done. 4TH WALL AND TIMELINE AWARENESS He is aware about the 4th wall and timeline resets and starts. STATS Atk:7 Def:4 Hp:67 Speed:65% Accuracy:50% Knowledge:86%

Weaknesses And Strengths Weaknesses: His defense and Stamina. Strengths: His abilities, knowledge, and effects.

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