aka Patrick Ryan Nuttall

  • I live in Rensselaer
  • I was born on December 9
  • I am Male
  • PatrickPunMaster

    Personality Playertale Sans is a lazy skeleton who loves bad puns and loves drinking hot sauce. He is quite a great dude who loves chatting with his friends and loves taking strolls through the woods often. He is quite over protective of his brother, Playertale Papyrus. He has a kind nature when he meets someone new. But once he shakes hands with someone, he gets to read all their thoughts and will judge you depending on what he sees.

    Appearance (Genocide and Pacifist) He wears a hat just like Jacksepticeye's and wears a blue shirt with a red X for design and has a hoodie that is mostly white but has red hood outlines and red pockets. He wears shorts that are gray with green stripes at each side. He wears orange shoes. His eye color is green…

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  • PatrickPunMaster

    It's a new AU created by PatrickPunMaster (me) and in this AU all the boss/main character monsters, like Undyne and Asgore, are famous YouTubers. The non boss/bystander monsters are the YouTubers' subscribers.

    Sans-Jacksepticeye Papyrus- Pewdiepie Muffet- LDShadowLady Undyne- IHasCupquake Toriel- Aphmau Flowey/Asriel- VanossGaming Grillby- KSI Temmie- Yuya Frisk- Daniel Anthony Padilla (Smosh) Chara - Ian Andrew Hecox (Smosh) Asgore- HolaSoyGerman Alphys- NerdyandQuirky (Sabrina Cruz) Mettaton- Markiplier Monster Kid- Vegetta777 Napstablook- Cryaotic Gaster- PopularMMOS

    Their history is that when monsters and humans lived in peace, the thing called YouTube came out and the monsters decided to make YouTube videos. They were famous but the r…

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