This is a fanfiction I JUST thought it's about the monsters going to the surface and you may think everything is good but there might be a curse in Frisk's house by the way this has the ship Sans x Toriel in it.(plz don't hate just because) plus this is my first blog post so I don't know what it looks like

It's been a month since Toriel and Sans married and you have been sharing rooms with sans' brother,Papyrus.Life on the surface is pretty good until today.You woke up today with a twist,Papyrus isn't tightly holding you in his sleep which he does all the time.Papyrus wasn't even drooling.You got off the bed with ease and went downstairs with sans sleeping and Toriel making pancakes."Hello my child" your mom said while her husband zzzzzzz'd away."Sans? SAns? *huff* SANs? *pant pant* SANS!!!! you *huff* didin't pick up your *haaaaaa!* sock(weak exclamation point.)" You were surprised Paps didin't yell.Papyrus pushed sans off the table."HEYWHATHAPP-oh hey paps."Papyrus then checked his drawer and probably his spagethii was missing cause he yelled "AHHH I SWEAR I MADE SOME YESTERDAY!!!" You're ears feel like they would bleed or pop right now.When papyrus was going down the stairs you swear you saw a blurry figure push papyrus down the stairs.This woke sans up to his scared and worried state."SANS I'M ALRIGHT MY TUSHIE JUST BROKE" papyrus said."paps that is not alright!" Sans said.You decided to go to undyne's

I Will upload daily for all you tems,sans,and others that like where this is going

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